Tuesday, July 15, 2014

HELLO! July 15th, 2014

I love that picture you sent!! I don't have any pictures right now, so that was just so good to see the boys :')  Also, my time with Kristin was so good! I love her so much and was so happy I got to spend time with her!! But I totally spaced giving her her card so idk how to get that to her now...

Well! I've made it almost a week now!! It has been SO GOOD. and SO HARD. Mostly good. If I were to add up all the time I wanted to sit in a corner and cry it'd only be a few hours really. But I am doing so well! I'm so proud of you mom ;) Way to be strong. 
The food is AMAZING, btw. Breakfast is a little iffy. But mm. So good. I've been sleeping great! The first couple nights my mind was just racing and it took a bit to fall asleep and the first few days I have never been so exhausted, like head bobbing tired. I would get frustrated with myself when I couldn't focus, but we pray SO MUCH. Like, between me and my comp alone it's like, 20 times a day. It's so cool. I haven't really been homesick either! I miss you all a lot, but it hasn't hindered me, which is good :) I did lay in bed the other night and miss my brothers though. I can't wait to see them again and see how tall they are! 
And it's really not that crowded at all! I thought there'd be a ton more sisters too, but we are way outnumbered by elders. And eeeeverybody here is from Utah... and they all know each other. Like, at least 50% of the missionaries here are Utah folk. (including my beautiful companion)
But yo! My companion is SO WONDERFUL. I am so so so blessed with her. We have a ton in common and even though our personalities are waay opposite, we get along well :) I'm so lucky. And that Sister Henderson you talked about- she's in my room! :) There's 4 of us sisters in our room all going to Tacoma! We've stumbled upon I think 4 more sisters going there too, and I heard from someone that there's something like 29 of us going next week?! It's crazy. 
Me and Sister Rasmussen are the only sisters in our district, then there's 6 Elders going to Charlotte. 2 of the other districts in our zone left this morning/yesterday for Sacramento/Denver South, but we're getting more tomorrow! Speaking of, me and Sis Rasmussen were assigned to be the Sister Training Leaders!!! (a zone leader but for sisters) So we're in charge of all the sisters (2 more districts) and the ones coming tomorrow are 8 sisters for Temple Square! So cool, right?! There might actually be international sisters coming in today for us, but we have no direction as to that... so hopefully that gets figured out...
Oh my goodness. So this week. It's been going so good. I have never been on such an INSANE roller coaster of emotion though!! Yesterday morning me and Sis Rasmussen taught our investigator Rob and it was SO good. Mom. I feel the spirit here like I never have in my entire life. And it's not a question like, is this the spirit or me?... it's like for reals. It is amazing, and in our past couple lessons with Rob I have had just times when I've had thoughts come to me and it was exactly what was needed to say. It was amazing, I can't even tell you. Anyway, our lesson with Rob was just perfect, and it totally wasn't what we planned but it was exactly what he needed and the Spirit was so strong there! Me and Sis Rasmussen came out of there just *beaming* and we couldn't stop smiling!!! And then, after dinner we had our first lesson with a TRC and she looked so nice from the picture and we had it all perfectly planned out and we were gonna rely on the spirit and it was gonna be so great. But we got there and nobody was in her room so we found the coordinator guy but we were flustered cause we were almost late cause we couldn't find her and he was like, "oh, she's skype" and we were like... wait...what..?? So he took us to this room where there was a laptop and all the sudden it was calling her and we were so caught off guard and it was so awkward and nothing went as planned and she wasn't even listening to us. It was so discouraging. We came out of that one wanting to sit in a corner and cry. I was so sad. And our district elders were being all rowdy in the classroom but neither of us had the energy to keep them in line anymore, so I suggested we went outside. We were so discouraged from that visit, because we gave up our lives to help hers. And she didn't even care. We were making such a huge sacrifice and we left our families to help hers and she wouldn't listen and it was really hard. We were thinking "how are we going to deal with this kind of heartbreak for 18 months?" And we just talked and decided to say a prayer, and I can't even tell you how perfect it was. Sis Rasmussen said the more heartfelt, beautiful prayer I've ever heard and both of us were crying at the end. And all the sudden we were at peace again and after that we just saw so many little tender mercies (as she called them)! We have these Russian Elder friends who are just SO awesome and they just came up to us and talked to us and brightened our spirits, then we found more sisters going to Tacoma and got even better spirits, then ran into a friend who got a sudden Visa to Brazil and was told she's leaving in the morning and we wouldn't have seen again if we hadn't run into her by chance, and all these little things throughout this whole week keep happening! It is so cool! I have been soooo blessed. I can't even tell you how much. And I have never prayed so much in my life. I want everyone in the world to serve a mission! And I've changed - like, it had only been a few days and I was talking to my teacher and realized how much I've grown and changed already!! It's so weird!? But I looove it. 
Btw, I have also never been so excited for mail... every time our DL checks all of us are like on our toes. I've only had one from Krissy and one from Ashley Johnson though so far, so if maybe you guys wanted to send some DearElders (PLEASE use dear elder btw!! it's free and I get it the next day!) I would be so happy :) Mail is like a huge deal that I super underestimated. Letters are super fun. I hope you guys got mine that I sent when I got here! I love you all so much and miss you all! 
PS- turns out I need a memory card adapter USB thing to send pictures.. I'll try to get a hold of one today and maybe send some later!

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