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Baptism...say what?! (Aug 4th)

[for clarification--this is Mom posting Charity's emails.  Charity doesn't have access to this blog and won't see if you comment until she comes home.  You can always write her a letter though! :)]

Ok! So, I have a whole lot to say and not a lot of time to say it so bear with my scattered thoughts...
First of all and most importantly, WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEK! WOO! Cala is getting baptized on Saturday! She is so amazing, oh my goodness I love her to death. We are so excited and she is so funny - on fast Sunday she brought this bag of food because I think she misunderstood it... it was so funny and she was so embarrassed but she is a good sport through it all :) I love it! It's so great!
Also, I'm finally feeling better! I was sick the first week and a half with I don't know what. It went through weird stages but it's all good now!
Well Mom, everybody and their dog offers fruit at every meal because everything grows. Blackberry bushes really are a weed so people pick them as the walk down the sidewalk and just eat away! On Monday we had family night with a family in the ward and had (fresh) blackberry pie for dessert (and I ate it >:) whatwhat) I have discovered that I can eat cooked fruit - we have these berry crumble things all the time at members' houses and they're way good. "spooner berries" are a huge thing here they're supposed to be the best in the world but I mean I wouldn't know the difference... but yes. You can be proud (I politely decline the peaches and whatnot they'll offer and people just think I'm weird)
It was actually pretty warm this week... when knocking the doorsteps are like ovens and we got sunburned one day.. It seems to be cooling down the past couple days but I'm not sure. 

Another one of our progressing investigators, Julie, really likes the church and we have a recent convert Eleanor (who is golden) come with us and we had a lesson this week that was awesome but she didn't come to church. :( So we're working with her and hopefully it works out.
Eleanor was baptized a couple months ago I think but she is the sweetest most amazing little old lady. AND we might get to go to the temple with her this week!!!! The mission just altered the rules yesterday and changed it so missionaries can take the investigators they baptized to do baptisms and not only endowments (and this is experimental so don't go telling errybody-it's kind of secret) So hopefully that works out.

Our other PI Rena was doing so good and was gonna start changing her kids nap schedules to come to church better! BUT the father of her children/boyfriend/idk who is getting out of jail soon said he doesn't want her talking to the Mormons. And she's kind of softer so we were thinking noooo! we've lost her! and then a few days later she texted us saying "Chris says if I join he'll have to have more than 1 wife.. is that true? and if it is I can say no to having sister wives right?" and we just laughed for like 5 minutes, 1: because of the polygamy thing and 2: she was still totally willing to come and learn still if it was true! So funny. 

One more cool story: MIRACLE PIZZA! We didn't have a dinner Saturday night and I had been craving pizza since we got an ad for Domino's on Monday, so we decided to splurge and have pizza delivered. When we called they said it'd be an hour and that was ok cause we had time before dinner anyway, so when we were waiting at home it took them like an hour and 15 and when the guy got there, he was like "sorry this is late - no charge" and we were like, "...what?" cause we had scrounged around for extra dollars and whatnot and then we got it for free! (2 pizzas and parmesan bites! freeee!) It was awesome! That was a good day :)

Earlier this week was really hard actually. I was struggling a lot for a couple days - especially when knocking doors because that is really not my favorite thing to do (I talked about it a bit in my letter to Emily) and everybody hates us (haha.. really though) and nobody wants to talk to us. Some people are really nice about it and some don't care to be which is hard. I was just praying and praying that Heavenly Father would just show me a sign that being here is worth it. Sister Julien would tell me that knocking you will see miracles and I was thinking "it's been a week and we've seen nothing even close" and just prayed and prayed that I would see something that told me that being here was somewhat worthwhile and I was doing something good. 

So I was reading in my study the next day about faith! And I don't remember where it was.. but it talked about how it isn't until after the trial of your faith that you see it, and how miracles are not wrought without faith! (here) So, me and Sister Julien prayed for faith instead of just miracles and whatnot, and that day we got 3 people to say they would be ok hearing more! WHAT. And everybody that day was so nice to us! People offer us water bottles and sodas and whatnot and it's so great. It was just like a smack in the face to me - after that day I was like, well DUH Charity, of course! So now we've been praying for faith and things have been so much better and easier and the past couple days have been so good. We are SO blessed! Prayer is real, guys. It's so great. I know there will be ups and downs but you know, Sister Julien says don't worry about the downs, enjoy the ups while they last because yeah they'll go away, but they'll go away. So enjoy them :) (hopefully that makes sense in text)

I loved the past few days and I think things are looking up! I love you all SO MUCH and miss you SO MUCH! Have a fantastic week!

PS - Emily told me about Devin and Brooke and I SAT HERE AND CRIED I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM I CAN'T EVEN SAY. I wish I was there!!! I love both of them and tell them that!! AHHH

Pss- I use my little hymnbook allllll the time Mom :) thank you!!!
 Care package in the MTC

Cleaning toilets in the MTC 
(Sis Rasmussen was not happy)
Sister Julien and Charity at Puget Sound
(first day)
 In front of their cottage :)

Eagles nest! Charity said it was big enough she could sleep in it!

"One of these is me with a bunch of flyers... Don't tell anyone.. But I stole those off of people's doors. (they're for a church. I was simply removing a potential stumbling block)"
 Beautiful GREEN everywhere!

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