Monday, August 25, 2014


Next week is transfers already! WHAT. Sister Julien is most likely being transferred (cause she's been here almost 8 months and in such small area she is going insane.. many breakdowns this week) so that means I'm taking over the area  Speaking of! On Tuesday we had exchanges with the STL's, and usually (always) they take the newbie back to Elma because having them take over a new area is terrifying and they know nothing. BUT for some reason they felt like I needed to stay in Olympia and Sis Julien went to Elma with Sis Johnston and I stayed with Sis Ghering in charge for a day. And when they told us that I kind of freaked out because I was already having a tough day not knowing anyone and everyone told me not to worry about it cause they always took newbies to Elma. So they said "we thought Sis Julien you could come to Elma" and I sat there staring at the phone and Sis Julien finished the conversation cause I started to panic because I still don't know lots of people and I don't know my way around and the STL was going to come and expect all of this of me and I may or may not have cried... Because I was terrified and and I knew nothing. And I so didn't feel ready to take over the area. So we prayed a lot that night and by the next morning when we swapped I felt a little better about it but was still pretty nervous. But Sis Ghering is way fun and way like me so it just felt kind of natural and Sis Julien planned our day so we had a lot to do. And it was so fun!! We didn't have a lot of success but we did get to visit Lance. OH Lance! So, last week we went to visit him (he's a less active no one's been able to contact or connect with whatnot) and as we were walking up to his apartment there was this truck pulling out and the guy had his window down and with this new "open your mouth" challenge, Sister Julien walked up to his window (I was thinking WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS IS SO AWKWARD) and was like "hey there!" and he was way nice to us! Turns out, this guy IS Lance and he said yeah I've really actually been thinking about coming back to church lately and we set up an appt to come back and visit him! Which was pretty much a little miracle cause if we hadn't been there right then and there and whatnot we would've missed him. So Sis Ghering and I got to go visit him and our fellowship bailed so we didn't get to go in but we talked on his porch and invited him to stake conf (which we didn't see him but maybe he was there) and he was way excited! So that was good. And then we had dinner with Milka... She is from Yugoslavia and she is crazy. And she made us this feast that wouldn't even fit on the table and she kept having to switch everything out and she didn't even have time to make all of it. And when we were literally in pain from eating so much she was offended we couldn't eat more. (btw - she boiled brussel sprouts and plopped them down too and I ate 2 of them.. meaning I chewed on the side of my cheek til it was enough to swallow and in swallowing my body (literally) heaved - I waited to swallow for when she wasn't looking at me so she wouldn't notice) I love Sis Gerhing. We had so much fun. When we were going to bed we were saying prayers and when I got done she was sitting on the floor staring at the ceiling and she was like "hey uh sister Wilson you've got a spider there on the ceiling" and sure enough, yes, there was a nasty fat thing that wasn't super big but right above her bed and therefore, it had to die. But it was wedged between the popcorn on the ceiling and we couldn't just smash it with a book and long story short, it took about 10 minutes to find an object sufficient to kill it with and in doing so it ran and dropped itself from the ceiling with the speed of light and we had no idea where it went.. so. after trying to find it for another 10 minutes and another 10 minutes of thinking of other places to sleep(we got creative let me assure you), we just pushed our beds into the middle of the room (so it couldn't crawl onto us from the walls and we felt safer) and eventually fell asleep. We switched back Wednesday before lunch and carried out again. But, I successfully took over the area for 24 hours! And drove for the first time in a month and a half which was slightly unnerving but we're alive.
Things were a little rough this week - my testimony is being tested hardcore. We talk to easily 70-100 people a day and some of them that rail on you can really put a damper on your day. It takes a lot out of you. Especially those doors you'll be walking up giving yourself a pep talk and you'll be SO ready and just overpouring with love for the person behind that door and you're thinking YES here we go I'm here to help you come closer to Christ and your life will be changed and you don't even know what's coming!.... and nobody will come to the door (even when you hear them whispering). Or they'll open it and you are grinning ear to ear and before you can say a word they *slam* (there is a whole new definition to slam when you're on a mission) it back shut. Or they'll open it and while you are trying so hard to show your love for them and really trying to teach them they will roll their eyes and look at their watch and you're thinking "no please! just listen!" and your heart just breaks. You totally come to understand all the prophets in the Bible and the Book of Mormon when they talk about when people aren't listening and it breaks their hearts. In stake conf yesterday someone said "Missionary work is hard because it helps you understand Christ more" (or something like that) and it is SO TRUE. You understand everything so much more and your testimony is super-tested and you question everything and it is HARD. And at the same time you get those doors when people will just love you right back and give you water bottles and you're reminded that people do appreciate the work you do. (And sometimes you laugh when they tell you they're fine but their neighbor needs some Jesus). I have SO MANY stories but I have 2 minutes left. GAH. And I don't know if I'll be able to write next week cause the library's closed :( We'll figure something out mebe. But, I just want errbody to know that I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU TONS!!
And I love Jesus :)

PS - Emily's wisdom teeth... lololololololol I LOVE YOU

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