Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 15, 2014 (9 1/2 weeks out)

OKAY. This week was hard, but I don't want to waste time talking about it. I'm struggling with a few different things. But. Focusing on the good. And my keyboard is messed up so please excuse any issues..
Okay wait I want to say one thing - so one morning we woke up and I saw our front door was unlocked and I was like aw darn.. whatever. And later that day Sis Rea was like, okay so I'm not sure I want to say this but I think someone was in our apartment last night... and I was like holy what... our door was unlocked and she just stopped like oh shoot. and apparently she takes forever to go to sleep and I am out in 2 seconds but she heard someone come upstairs and walk to our bedroom door stand there and go downstairs. But she was like nah we're locked up it must be the neighbors but our walls are super soundproof and so needless to say I didn't fall asleep in 2 seconds anymore. But. All is well and we are safe. 
Another story about safety - we were knocking a couple days ago and walking up to this house this creeeepy big dog came prowling around the corner and like, I have never been legit afraid of a dog attacking me until that moment. He was tied up and sis rea was like it's ok he can't get us and I just had this huge horrible feeling like you can't walk up to this door and I convinced her not to. And when we came back down the street a couple minutes later he was sitting on the front porch growling at us. So, uh. Yeah. I'm glad we didn't go up there. 
OKAY GOOD NEWS! Our area is EXPLODING with people right now. We have like 6-7 new investigators and it's awesome. David, the guy who brought himself to church and has read the whole Bom? He believes it all! We taught him 2-3 times this week and he's praying about baptism on the 27! He only has some issues in that he and his son kind of bonded over religion and he has to talk to him about hopefully it all goes over well. He came to church again but he still goes to his Lutheran church in the mornings cause he's been going there like 10+ years and he's not sure what they'd think of him if he up and left to be Mormon. But he's great.
We also are going to start teaching this family!!! AH! They are so so awesome and they were sick on Saturday when we were supposed to teach them but we are going to sometime this week. She (Ladeana) and her fiancé have 5 kids ages 7-15, so we are way pumped :) Hopefully we get back in contact with them soon.

Okay! and MIRACLE BAPTISM YESTERDAY!!! So, Heaven Sorenson turned 9 last Saturday and we brought her a b-day present cause once she's 9 she's no longer a ward baptism she's up to us. She's had 2 baptismal services so far and each time when it came to her getting in the font she'd get waaay nervous and wouldn't do it. And she won't tell anyone why. So we were determined this is gonna happen. And we went over there like 4 times this week and taught her everything and practiced with her and she went back and forth with yes I will! To absolutely not sooo many times. So the day of her baptism came and we got her there with many more I can I cants and it was the most amazing baptism I have ever been to. It took 20 minutes of inch by inch but she got in the font! And then stood in the corner terrified and we got he rolder brother in there with her to help and sang encouraging baptism songs with her and her little friends were up against the glass saying "you can do it heaven!" and we were all praying SO HARD. And her brother had her go underwater with her just to try and after that she said ok! And she did it! And everybody was SO HAPPY. I can't even explain the feeling there. We all clapped and cried after - the first baptism I've seen where everyone clapped cause they were just so dang happy. It was so so so so awesome and I wish I could convey that in words.
Ok I have just a few minutes left and I need to say a few things -
One. Jason Gray from Studio-C? His brother is in my ward. We had dinner with them and they are awesome. Every time I see them I'm like giddy inside. His bro looks just like him but receding brown hair and shorter. CRAZY AWESOME.
Also, Mom can you send me piano sheet music maybe? I can print it at the library. I just really really miss it and I can't remember anything except Fur Elise.. and I miss it. So if you have a moment to spare even just a couple songs would be amazing and make my life :)
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH !!! And miss you! Have a fantastic week and tell Derrek hello with a hug from me!!
I got a raincoat btw and MY SURPRISE BOOTS! THANK YOU MAMA 

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