Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick note!

I super apologize but I have no time today! We're going to the beach in ocean shores today and I have approximately 10 minutes to email. We had a good week though! And we had a fireside last night in Olympia, where I saw so many people I love. Sister Thurber and I are the only people that can really play piano in the mission now, and we were either playing or singing in every musical number last night, and we get to go to central in a couple weeks to the Lakewood fireside cause nobody can play! :) woo! So excited. I also arranged a acapella version of Nearer, My God, to Thee, which turned out pretty good considering we only had 30 minutes to learn it.

Laticia and Sheila and Larry and Kim are all super awesome investigators we're working with right now, prayers their way would be appreciated :) Laticia is so amazingly golden it's crazy. We're praying her family will be softened so she will be baptized sooner than her 18th birthday, she's been trying to learn for 2 years and her dad just barely gave in to letting her at least learn but she can't get baptized yet. This gospel is the most amazing thing! I'll write more next week! I love you all so much and hope you have an awesome week!!
Sister Wilson
 we made a pie we found in our freezer and got DQ to celebrate my first mission birthday

 I love Shelton!
this was us coming home from the fireside... SO. MUCH. TIRED.

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