Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Transfer #11

Fall is on its way! The trees are changing colors and it's getting cooler. It's my favorite time of year :)
Transfer calls came and President called us Saturday afternoon. (It's usually the AP's, President only calls if you're training or going STL or something) So we were driving back from Lilliwaup and saw President had called and we panicked. So I hurried and pulled over and we called him back and he said we will be staying together another transfer! It was actually funny, because he said he was planning on transferring me (even to the central/north part of the mission - I've been in the south the whole time and he keeps reminding me that he'll get me out soon haha) and had it all ready to go but got a strong feeling that Stirling and I should stay together another transfer. And then he said we can still come to transfer meeting :) YAY! So it'll be a fun day tomorrow, and no packing for me yet! (thank heaven)

Kris came to church yesterday with Adrik! She loved it. She wasn't able to stay, but she is getting baptized this Friday night! Prayers her way would be much appreciated. She needs to quit smoking before then, and she got a super powerful priesthood blessing before church, but she'll need all the strength she can get. She's such an amazing lady. She (and her daughter!) came to our scripture study class this Thursday. We had *ahem 1 person show up BUT it's going to get better. Kris and her daughter showed up as we were ending but we re-taught a shorter version for them and showed "Because of Him" video (my fav)

This week we got to go on exchange with Sister Bigley and Sister Jones, and I got to go to Elma with Bigley while Jones came to Shelton with Stirling. It was pretty much the best day ever, we had so much fun. We'll be companions someday. 
We drove all the way up to the tippy corner of our area even past Lilliwaup (driving almost an hour) because a guy Steven had requested a Book of Mormon on mormon.org! Thank goodness he had a phone number so we made sure he'd be home and drove up there and he didn't want us to teach him more yet.. but, we still have his information and he took the Book! So, that's good. 
We've been working with a few other neat new people that we can hopefully get progressing soon! I'm excited to see what this transfer brings. Don't have too much time because of zone activity today but I hope you all know that I love you tons! I hope you have the best week!
Sister Wilson
 Boonie knocking with Bigley in Elma we got tired of all the gates.

 Christmas tree farm! 

 We've been finding excess amounts of snakes and spiders the past couple weeks.

 blog pictures from our labor day picnic! (way fun btw)

 I LOVE this woman.

 someone was out to get me in a water balloon fight.

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