Monday, September 7, 2015

T10W6 (Transfer10 Week6)

I'm not quite sure what last I said about the Carters. But with Brother Carter, Adrik's dad passing away, we went and saw them this past week. Kris, the mom, (not a member) told us "Someone told me that I could be sealed to Jeremy forever in the temple when I've been baptized for a year, and I want that to happen as soon as possible" [insert my overwhelming happiness here]. So she was going to get baptized this coming Saturday, and she has to come to church twice (she was planning on coming yesterday), but on Saturday night Adrik fell out of a tree and broke both bones in his arm and they didn't make it :( So, she'll get baptized in the coming weeks! We are so excited for them - this means so much to her and I love their family so much! I have never felt so much love for people.
We're teaching a new lady, Sarah, and had another awesome lesson with her this week. We met her at the harstine island clubhouse and at the end she asked if we could kneel and pray again - no shame in public. It was awesome. She is so sweet, and she came to all 3 hours of church yesterday and loved it! We're pumped for her. She's still learning to understand the need for priesthood in being baptized and we gave her a picture BoM that's easier to understand :) She loves it. 
We're starting up a weekly Thursday night scripture study class this week that I'm super pumped about - a few members told us they'd bring their friends! I'm like, really super excited for it. I love teaching and studying, they're like my favorite things to do! go figure.
So just a quick thought. I've been reading in 3 Nephi where Christ is ministering to the Nephites. At the end of the day Christ leaves and says he'll be back tomorrow and before it even got dark "an exceedingly great number of people did labor exceedingly all that night that they might be on the morrow in the place where Jesus should show himself unto the multitude." For a moment I thought of how we often would say "well of course I would do that too!" but I had the impression that there had to have been sacrifices made. Of course Satan would be on the move as well, doing all he can to keep these people from being there, but even with that these people "did labor exceedingly." There is always sacrifice and difficult circumstances involved when we are trying to do the best we can or doing what we should, and this was probably no different. The thought then came to me that though we would also "labor exceedingly" to be where Christ would physically present himself, we are also striving now to be where He is spiritually. We labor every day to try to become more like Him, and hopefully that will lead us someday to be able to be where He is physically. This life is similar to that night, where we need to labor exceedingly to be able to make it to our Heavenly home where Christ dwells. I've been learning a lot about the importance of hard work on a mission and I have come to love that it truly does make us better and help us become who we are meant to be. And it always takes some form of sacrifice. Sacrifice is the highest form of love, and I love my Savior, therefore I am here to serve Him and sacrifice for Him. I am so grateful to be here!
We've got a fun day ahead for Labor day meeting in Olympia (I really do love how often I get to go back there haha) for a picnic with the southern half of the mission and President! yay! 
I love you all so very much! Have the best week!
Sister Wilson
 PS it rained every day this week and got super cold out of nowhere.
 It got cold enough that we broke out jackets and boots and tights all in the same day. It's only September?
 One day it was blue skies on one side and completely impending-doom-dark-clouds on the other and they just rolled on in

 We were getting in the car after checking a referral and one by one these racoons just walked out of nowhere. There were 6 of them!
 Washington is my favorite place.

 Some pictures from our mini zone conference!

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