Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12th

Hello! This week was awesome. Tuesday Sister Harbaugh got sick (we had a lesson that morning and we walked like 3 steps down the driveway afterward before it hit - blessings). So we went home after that and she took some down time that day to recover and not spread the love. I had a lot of good study time that day though :) 
We have a tendency to knock into newly moved-in members or less actives - they are everywhere! This week we found the Holland family who just moved from Korea (for military) and they were super excited to see us (which is always nice:) While we were talking to him on the porch his wife poked her head out and said, "Invite them to dinner" and then shut the door again. It was awesome haha. The same thing happened when we knocked into an inactive family! It seems to me that people's love to missionaries is always food.. I'm pretty sure it is actually. That's the first thing that is always offered. It's nice. I'm trying not to get fat.
Anyhoo, we are working with a good lot of people all the sudden! :) A lot of people just came out of the woodwork. Judith and Tandy are 2 less active ladies (mom and daughter) who need to quit smoking on doctor's orders and we're helping them out, and Tandy's best friend is the granddaughter of one of our recent converts so hopefully we'll have an in with her :) She's quitting with them. 
We had another lesson with Becca, and she's doing good, except she has no desire to move out and Shawn won't marry her.. She says he'll propose in April and they'll be engaged for 2 years... So we're a little worried about her :( She hasn't come to church yet either even though she always says she's excited for it. It's a struggle. 
We met a super fantastic new investigator this week though!!! We were knocking Friday night and met Diana. She told us she has so much guilt and can't find relief, so we said you can find relief from forgiveness and repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ and she said but how do I repent? and we said "well that's what we as missionaries teach!" :) and she looked at us for a sec and said, "ok. Come in." It was seriously like an MTC role-play or something. When she turned around me and Sis Harbaugh looked at each other like, "is this really happening??" She had a ton of really good questions and we taught her a little bit about the restoration and the gospel and set up a time to come back the next morning! So we did, and we brought a member with us who was GREAT, and she said she wants to just feel peace and whatnot. She's been through a ton of tough stuff and has some mental instabilities.. but she is so sweet. She was excited for church, and the member who picked her up said she just pulled up the driveway and she came outside all ready! We only forgot to mention to her it was 3 hours.... I felt really bad haha. But she made it through! We actually taught Gospel Essentials on Sunday cause the teacher was out of town. It went pretty good considering we had very limited time to prepare. And we had a huge class! Melissa Piper, who we've been teaching her husband who's not a member came! Which is a huge step, and she even picked up a tithing envelope on the way out! :) She is awesome. We have a lot of good appointments this week, and the Goodchild family has been coming to church, for all 3 hours! It's a miracle! We are so excited. There's so much good stuff happening right now and a lot coming out of the woodwork :) The Brewington family (Sierra's family) could use some prayers. There is a ton going on that I can't even imagine and it doesn't seem to stop, so they could use a little support and prayers.  I don't have a ton of time to write about all of everything but we are doing great. 
Last night we were knocking a rather dark and sketchy road (it's been super super foggy a ton this week and last night was one of those nights where the flashlights just reflect the fog and you hope you're going the right way down this dark foresty country road) and this truck followed us for a sec (a little frightening at first) and this man told us we shouldn't be out here and there's a ton of bad stuff going on in their neighborhood and whatnot and left. So we stood there and honestly I was not the most peaceful I've ever felt so we said a prayer and went a little further and decided to drive to another road down the highway a bit further, and we met a really cool guy Wes who we talked to for a good amount of time who we gave a Book of Mormon and he's in special ops for the military and was just telling us how he knows there's something higher because he's come home alive so many times. It was cool to bear testimony to him that I knew that was God and that God knows who he is and loves him and we said a prayer with him and he really appreciated it. There are so many good things happening. There are ups and downs but I love this work. I love the people here! I have seen so many things that have only added to my knowledge that there is a God and this is truly His work and His church. I love you all and I am so thankful forever for your love and support! It means the world! I hope you have the most amazing week! :)
Sister Wilson
this is just some pics of the beauties of WA

 one time our eggs were frozen... it didn't cook very well.

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