Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy happy happy

Hellooo! This week was a fantastic week!

Our mission focused on getting referrals this week, from everybody we talked to. Members, investigators, contacts, etc. So, we set a goal to receive 150 referrals as a mission... we got 342!! Whatwhat! And just in our area we got 4! That is more than I think we have ever received during a whole transfer. It was SO cool. The Wa-Tac is pretty much the best I think. I would not be anywhere else in the world.
Especially today when it is a nice rainy 50 degrees! (and it's raining sideways.. that's a thing). I love Washington. And, this transfer I get to stay here in Deschutes another 6 weeks with Sister Harbaugh!! I am so happy and so excited!! So many good things are picking up again now that there's a new year and all the people that said "come back after the holidays" no longer have excuses :) We saw so many good things this week, it was awesome!
First of all, our main progressing investigator Becca is still on date to be baptized on Feb 7, but she needs to get married. She and her man friend don't have a healthy relationship but he promised her he'd propose in April.. which is not exactly ideal for the situation and we don't know when they'll actually get married. So it's a lil difficult but I know things will work out. We pray for her a ton. 
We're going to start working with Sierra, who is a recent convert, to do her family history and then we can take her to the temple to do baptisms!! I am CRAVING the temple lately, I miss it so much so we're gonna kick into gear tonight to get her ready :) I'm so so excited!
We've been working with Kirk Taylor, he's about 65 and is living with a less active member Yara (she was married to the very first stake president in Brazil a while back) and it's been a process. He's on sort of a spiritual journey and grew up in Utah and was treated super horribly by Mormons so there's a few walls he's trying to get over. It's a little frustrating as of late, but we're reshaping our plan of teaching them so hopefully things will start rolling a little faster :) 
Here's a cool story I was thinking of from last night.. So we were knocking (it was a very dark blustery windery rainy night) and actually there were quite a few nice people, one guy gave us water and works as a pilot out of Salt Lake and another lady Ashley let us in to get out of the rain and warm up and we taught her a mini-restoration and gave her a BoM and it was cool. It was also fun because my umbrella kept flipping inside out because of the wind and our hoods wouldn't stay on. It was an adventure. BUT the point of this story is because while we were knocking, we met this little foreign man (Latino or Hindu I couldn't tell, but he had a accent) who told us that he thinks religion causes all the problems in the world, he doesn't believe in religion. So I asked him if he believed in God? And he shook his head quickly and said "Nah." And so I looked at him and said, "I believe in God. You're His son, and He loves you." and he just looked at me and his eyes got all watery and he said "thank you.. that's sweet of you.." and I said really, God knows you and is aware of you and He loves you and we gave him a little card and he looked me with this little smile and said, "I will definitely look this up, I promise." and I felt my chest burning while I was telling him those things. It was just a really special experience and I am SO glad that I get to stay here another 6 weeks with Sister Harbaugh :) There is so much good about to happen I know it! I love being a missionary and I love the Lord! He is so good! I love you all and can't thank you enough for the support and love!! You are the greatest! Have the best week and happy new year!
Love, Sister Wilson
[Another PS in reply to my letter] 
Oh I'm so excited to see Jack's card! :) Her [Kathie's] ornament MELTED MY DURN HEART I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It is perfect! 
I love Family History! We get to do it tonight with Sierra! :) (our RC) and hopefully go to the temple in a couple weeks!!!! AHHHH!
We didn't get snow! It was, indeed, very sunny. And cold, haha. I can't believe you guys had snow! I feel like since I got here everything has swapped!! You guys get all the rain (except this weekend, we win I think) and now the snow! Sheesh. Though I do appreciate the warmth :) It was 50 this morning! I'm just super glad it's either cold and sunny or warm and rainy - cold and rainy would make me sad. haha.
I'm doing really good :)  I just want to give this work all that I am this year. This year is the rest of my mission! What!? I just want to do the best I can and be all that I am and can be through Christ. My goals were very missionary centered (idk what else they'd be.. ha)
Oh, btdubbs, I've been learning alot about being healthy. Sis Jackson is like, super. She has researched a ton and knows a ton and her fam is way healthy and beautiful so I've been learning a lot from her and she's been helping me and I have felt way good. :) I can physically feel different when I eat bad (sugary/fatty) and feel sick. It's cool. I eat avocado on almost everything and you probably wouldn't recognize my breakfast burritos.. :) 
I hope scripture study goes well! I will always be sad I missed out on that :( I wish there was a way to get ready faster so they could read... Tell Emily to get her butt out of bed and read!! It will make a HUGE difference! Especially when she is leaving so soon, she could use a spiritual boost :)

Oh, and I'm STAYING :D YAY! The interviews was when I was on exchange with Sis Dunster! She is wonderful cambodian speaking, I'm sad you couldn't see her tag.. it looks legit.
I'm going boot shopping at Goodwill today :) My rainboots have developed a hole... sad. :( But our WML said I just need to pick them out and he'll come take care of it :) He is awesome. I love this ward, it's so different than any other ward but I LOVE them!! And yes, it is rather comforting having it [mace] :) I wont tell you about the times where I am clutching it in my pocket until I come home ;) hahah! Jk, everything's great. We're safe:) And yes! Things picked up so good this week!
 this is on park day when we couldn't use our car and were on foot for a while

 and this is us doing service for Kay and picking up a bunch of limbs that fell off during the massive wind storm a while ago!

 me and Harbaugh doin work

 and MT RAINIER was looking extra majestic the other day 

 We like to step on the frozen pot-hole puddles (they make these intense cracking sounds and add a little spice to the day)

 and our district eating the legendary Hamickens at a members house for lunch!

 and us last night after knocking 2 hours in the blustery rain! woohoo!

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