Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

 Charity's zone at the Wa-Tac Mission Christmas Party

It's almost 2015! Crazy! 

This past week was so so fun. Monday we got together as a zone and played sports and practiced our skit for the Christmas party. some of the Samoan  branch was there so we played volleyball with them and it was way fun. We also couldn't all agree on a skit and we're running out of time so one of our elders from Australia taught us the haka, and that was our skit :) It was pretty awesome. The whole mission got together Tuesday and we had a big party that went from 9 til after 530 (it was supposed to end at 4 but some skits were rather extensive). It was so fun, we sang carols that got ridiculously intense and played white elephant and had food and then a little fireside that was super great. Getting together with the misson is a blast. Christmas eve the Kay's had us over for dinner with their family and grandkids and they even got us little gifts to open! They are so great.
Christmas was so great. We got to sleep in til 7:30, opened presents(which was so great-THANK YOU) and went to skype around 10:30. It was SO fun, I love my family!!! I can't believe it's almost been 6 months.. For the rest of the day we spent time with the Garner family, who had us over for dinner and we shared a message with their granddaughter who needed some help, it was cool. And the McCrackens (our WML) and the Greens, all of whom I love so much. The Greens got us some Mace for Christmas! Woo! We're good knocking the backwoods now ;) they take really good care of us.
Because of the holidays, people weren't the most excited to meet with us so it was a pretty slow week.. but we got to see Becca twice! She is preparing to get baptized February 7th  :) she just moved back in with her boyfriend though, and she knows she needs to be married before she's baptized, so hopefully things will work out! We pray for her alot. I feel like we're  kinda back to square 1  in our finding efforts since we lost almost our entire teaching pool the past couple weeks, but I know there are people God is preparing and we can find them. :) 
I don't have too much time, but I hope you know I love and appreciate you guys so much! Thank you for your love and support, it means the world!!
Have a super great new year!
Sister Wilson  
PS- it's supposed to snow today, but right now there is exactly one little puff of a cloud in the sky.. it's also supposed to snow Friday !  Everything's gonna freeze this week, so again, THANK YOU for the coat :)

The Jackson's  computer broke so I'm writing on a tablet  and can't send pics til next week probably :( 

[Another PS that Charity sent after I expressed how much it meant to hear her recite from memory The Living Christ to us (that was her gift to us this year)]

Thanks, mama :') I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I've been working on it! Our family is the best ever! Did you show Kathie and Paul the video? I got their Christmas card :D   and yeah people said everything's gonna freeze this week, snowing today and friday.. but there's blue sky right now haha. Knowing Washington though I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed by the end of today. I haven't waterproofed it yet but I'm working on it :) oh! I went on family search once and my g-g-g-g grandpa is Joel Johnson who wrote high on a mountain top! Pretty cool! I wish we could go on more, I love looking at that stuff. Way cool about Edmund Durfee!! And Emily is leaving in a transfer ! D: ah! I hope she's getting ready!! Skyping helped alot:)  I felt great the rest of that day and haven't felt bad since then I think your prayers are helping:) thank you, mama for being so awesome. You are amazing and last night at the Bowers, we challenged them to start reading the book of Mormon as a family and told them how awesome my mom was in waking up every single morning and pulling the kids out of bed to come read. I wish I had been better at reading with you, at all haha. You are a huge influence for good, and I have you to thank for helping me choose the right :) thank you for your example and I hope I can be a mom like you. I LOVE YOU SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH

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