Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I am oh so excited to see you this week!!! I have been working on something to show you! It's gonna be awesome!

So, this past week was kinda rough. Most of our investigators dropped us :( Everyone seemed to fall off the grid, which is way sad. But there's a reason for everything and we're not going to give up on them.
We've been working really hard with Becca. She had called us a while ago and said she'd read the Book of Mormon 5 times and wanted to be baptized but she was living in a really tough situation and needed to change some things. She's going through a lot right now, and there was a whole lot of drama this week, but it's been kind of cool going through all of this because I've been able to use my testimony to help her and some of the things she is enduring are things I've been through and I can kind of relate. One of the coolest things I think in this work is being able to see how you can help someone special with things that you have learned. I've been able to see parts of my patriarchal blessing coming forward and it's super cool. 
I just love being with other missionaries and this week we get to have a huge mission Christmas party on Tuesday! So we're roadtrippin to Tacoma with the other sisters and spending the day with the mission doing fun Christmas things! I'm excited. All the zones are doing skits and we are doing a missionary spoof of "A Christmas Story" - it's gonna be good. Last Monday night for tracting we got to go caroling as a zone, and we get to do it again tonight! :) It's way fun. And Christmas eve we get to go caroling as a district for tracting! yay! This week is going to be fun.
I got a blessing this week and had a nice big fat smack of reality. There's a lot I am working on and I can be better. I have a huge testimony of the Priesthood. It is real. The Spirit is real. God is real. He answers prayers. I don't have too much time but I just want you all to know I love you so much! I will see you later this week! :) I hope you all remember what Christmas is really about and that our Savior Jesus Christ truly was a gift from God. He knows you and loves you! I love you all and will see you this week! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Sister Wilson

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