Monday, December 8, 2014

December say what

Ok, so this week was just awesome. SO many miracles!

To start off, we got a call from a lady, Rebecca, who used to meet with missionaries but dropped them one day with a text basically saying never come back. So that was that. BUT she called us and we went over there and she told us she's in a really rough situation, she's read the BoM 5 times and knows it's true, and she wants to be baptized! :) Woo! We are so excited, and she is really sincere. It's gonna be good:)
Our mission had a goal of having 310 new investigators this past week - and last night on conference call (every Sunday night the mission has a giant phone call together where President talks to us and we share miracles and tender mercies) President said we had 468!!! WhatWhat! We even met our goal this week and found 3 new!! We found 2 earlier this week and have been praying and praying we could find 1 more before Sunday was over - and Sunday knocking is always hard cause dinners run late and then we had the Christmas devotional. So we had limited knocking time last night, but lo and behold, the very first door we knocked on was an old fellow Randy who said he'd love to have us come back and tell him more! It was a little miracle just for us! God answers prayers! Even the little things :) 
I thought of Matt during the Christmas devo when Sis Oscarson I think it was talked about how much the little things matter :) They really do - such a small act of kindness can be remembered for generations! I've really been trying to focus on charity lately, and praying for that unconditional love for people. It is a gift, and something we need to appreciate just like any other gift. I just want to be more like Christ. I'm reading in 3 Nephi right now when Christ comes and He is literally the perfect example. I want to emulate that in everything I do and it starts with the little things. When I think of Christlike people I think of those who know how to love.
Another cool story from this week - when we were knocking one night we talked to this way nice southern guy, Michael, and he said come back tomorrow night when his wife is home and he'd love to talk to us! So we did and had this lesson planned and when he opened the door and said his wife went to a party. So he stepped outside and rubbed his hands together and said "let's debate..." and we were like, .. wait, what?.. and we were like hey now, we're not here to debate but we'd love to answer questions and talk to you about it! He (a southern baptist) said "oh, you won't be converting me tonight ladies" And so we talked about the Book of Mormon and whatnot and suddenly his questions got really deep and were really hard questions to answer.. he is afraid about where he's going after this life because of things he's done in war. So we answered what we could and told him we can't judge that it's up to God and about repentance and he can find peace and happiness again and you could see him soften up. He changed a little bit, and by the end he said, "hey, where you located at? I might check it out sometime" :) The Spirit is SO important! We can argue and point out who's right and whatever, but it was when Sis Harbaugh just bore her testimony that's when it started to shift. You can't argue with testimony! It was really cool to see. 
I don't have too much time to write, but I hope all of you know how much I love you! I love this work - it is God's work! I love learning more about the Gospel and strengthening my relationship with Him - all y'all should do it every day. God loves us so much, He wants to hear from us and help us. One thing that really sunk in this week was that we have trials to learn to lean on Christ. He lets us struggle so we know where to go for help. He's always there, but we sometimes forget that when things are happy and wonderful. Trials are just an opportunity for us to remember that He is there and we need to lean on Him. We are happiest when He is with us and we need to let Him in. I love learning that, even though it's one of the hardest things for me to learn :) I LOVE YOU! Have a super fantastic week!
Sister Wilson

as one of my companions used to say, "There's no growth in the comfort zone, and there's no comfort in the growth zone"

once upon a time Sister Wilson got sick. But thankfully it was on P-day so we got to take a nap and not interfere with work :D

 also, Sister Wilson made some pretty rad garlic chicken and rice for lunch. #mamabeproud

 this was a sketchy bridge over the deschutes river we had to drive over to get to some little boonies house we were trying to find (and ended up being plastered in "no trespassing/beware" signs and a motorized gate..#poutface)

 both of these looked hecka more awesome in person - but we turned a corner and out of the blue came this massive rainbow!

 and then Rainier was just looking extra majestic yesterday :)

 and here's some of our fancy shmancy Christmas decor in our apt :D

 this is when it snowed a couple weeks ago!

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