Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

My friends, 

It SNOWED last week! Ha! It was pretty much the best day ever. It snowed all the morning on Saturday and it's still lingering in some places :) It's been dang cold, though. It's always an adventure. We got an unexpected massive package of handwarmers and hot chocolate though! It is still making our day(s)! We've been using those on the nightly and are sooo thankful for them, so THANK YOU, mystery person for sending those :)
Thanksgiving was way fun. We had 4 of them. Why yes, FOUR. And I can honestly say my family still has the best Thanksgivings. We started out with the Douglas family (gma gpa and their son and his wife and 2 lil kids) and then went to the Edwards family who we are teaching! They had a lot of their friends there and it was a little awk at first, (very different) but we started talking to BreeAnna's friend Chastity and her mom. It was fun. :) Then to the Harris family! He is in the bishopric and they are a way fun family. I love them. We had coconut milk made pumpkin pie, which is actually pretty tasty! Then to the McCracken's, he is our ward mission leader and their family is so fun. I love them. Dinner was especially fun there. Sis McCracken's dad has Alzheimers. He is such a sweet old man, and he is hilarious. Oh goodness, we were all just dying laughing the whole time. He asked us where we were from about 35 times, and every time it'd be something like "Arizona" "..Ontario? Oh, that's a civilized place. I can tell."  or Harbaugh would say "Utah" "oh, yes, I can tell" and once he looked right at me and said "Was it you who told me the other day there was icing coming out of my ear?.." I can't even begin to explain how funny that night was. 
I love my new companion, Sister Harbaugh!! She's from South Jordan and we were in the MTC together! I didn't know her then, we only briefly met once. But we're kind of on the same experience plane and have a fire to work, which is way nice! We have a "theme" for this transfer, if you will, of "unwearied diligence". Look up both those words in the dictionary. We have it taped up on our wall, and pray for it every day :)

This past week was a little slow for the work cause everyone was busy or out of town but we have some really awesome lessons this week! 3-4 of them are with new investigators that we're super excited to start working with! 
I can't believe it's already December. It's going by so fast!
I am kind of scatter brained today cause I've been sick :( But I think things are on the up-side, and nothing a little dayquil can't help.
Transfer meeting on Tuesday was the best one I've been to yet. The Spirit was so strong. SO strong, probably one of the strongest I've ever felt it. It might've been different because I really knew the people going home and their testimonies were amazing. (2 of them were my companions after all) and I LOVE those missionaries. All the departing sisters (there was like 13 of them!) sang "Savior Redeemer of my soul" which is my favorite song. I LOVE being with other missionaries. It's indescribable the power you feel and the Spirit is so amazing. I love being a missionary! I love this work and I love my Savior :) Every little (and big) thing is worth it, because it's true. I know this work is true. I've been learning a lot about love. Someone said, "The people who changed me the most were those that loved me the most" and I totally agree with that. I've seen it. It's something I want to work on, and having that pure love is a gift so prayer is needed :) One of my favorite lines in that song I was talking about is "my strengths wrapped in weakness He can't see." God sees the best in us, so don't ever let anyone else put you down. You're worth more than that. We are all worth so much more than we realize. :)
I love you all so so much and hope you have the best week! 
Sister Wilson

PS- EVERYONE needs to go watch "He is the Gift" and share it with all of your friends!!! :) It is amazing and go let other people feel that Spirit!
 we took this picture thanksgiving morning :) #Wilbaugh

 & snowwww!

 and yesterday it was clear enough to see Rainier! It was oh so majestic.

Pics don't do squat justice

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