Monday, December 15, 2014


So this week... oh goodness I don't even know where to start.

Actually I'll start with Tuesday when we got to go on exchanges! I LOVE exchanges - this time I got to go to Lacey with Sis Dunster! She was one of the 3 Cambodian speaking missionaries in our mission and she went English to be STL, and she is so awesome. I just love her and we had so much fun, and while we were teaching one of their investigators they've been working with, we were able to set a date for them to be baptized! The lady cried when she said the closing prayer and it was just way cool. Meanwhile back in Deschutes, Sis Harbaugh and Sis Smith had a lesson with a new lady we started teaching, Dana! She is good friends with the Jacksons and her son has been coming to scouts, and we knocked into her a week or 2 ago. They taught the Resto at the Jacksons and Sis Harbaugh said it went so well and was way powerful, and they are praying about baptism! :) We are so excited for them. This month is way busy, so we will be meeting with them again in a couple weeks. The lesson with Randy went good too! He can't read or write, so we're trying to get him a BoM on CD or something.
Jordan, who is way solid and progressing just found out he's getting deployed :( He doesn't know when or how long but he's the only really solid one in his family so we are really bummed. Hopefully things work out though and we'll still do all we can to help him before he leaves, but it's usually pretty short notice. 
The Goodchild family is awesome, and Tristan and Rainy want to get baptized so bad, but their dad is just struggling. As soon as he is ready they will get baptized, and I just adore them. They are the sweetest kids ever. They give us notes and presents every time we go over there, and everybody is just too busy to meet with us around this time of year, so that's a bummer. 
I have been thinking this week what a blessing and privilege it is to be a missionary. God doesn't need us to do this work - He is all powerful. It is His spirit that converts, but He still allows us the chance to work with these people and share our testimonies and learn and grow. Thinking about everything I have already learned in the past 5 months blows me away. I can't tell you how happy I am to be here (waiting a little while was more than worth it). Being a missionary is the most amazing thing in the world. God doesn't need us here, but He lets us because we grow and learn because He LOVES us. God loves us so much! He loves us SO MUCH. I've been able to feel a little bit of that love for these people and I don't ever want to leave them - I have come to see how absolutely amazing people are. Everyone is so different, and everyone is so special. I love people. Everyone has their stories and they are so cool. It's been kind of hard to not be super awkward around people haha, but I really feel like I've grown a lot. When I'm doing my best and trusting in God I feel I can do anything, and we can do anything when we're on His side. We can because Christ did everything, and in Him we find real strength. And we can read proof of it in the Book of Mormon - I mean how many times did the little armies of the Nephites run down the massive powers of the Lamanites? Over and over! Because they were "in the strength of the Lord." In Him we can do all things. Trust in Him and He will lead you. Everything will be ok :) I love you all so so much and can't wait to see you next week for Christmas! Remember that Christ is the gift and everybody watch that video because it gives me chills every time and I love it. :) Have the best week ever!
Sister Wilson
 Our sisters in our zone! I LOVE <3
 and this is the little town of Rainier that is about a mile in diameter on a pretty cloudy day:)
 OH! I forgot to say that there was a CRAZY storm this week - basically our entire zone (probably a lot more but we're clueless as to everyone else) lost power for a couple days so we slapped some extra blankets on our beds and kept warm, but everything was pitch black everywhere. Good times. Some people didn't have power 3 days.. (and we live on wells, unlike AZ we have no heat or water or electricity when the power goes out #pioneering)
 So this is us being stupid trying to plan in the dark. :)
also, MERRY CHRISTMAS from Sister Wilson and Sister Harbaugh

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