Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lead Thou Me On

This week went by crazy fast, but it was so great. 
I love my companion more and more everyday, we get along so well and I am learning a lot about myself.
Something that I've been thinking about this week is the song "Lead, Kindly Light" - I've come to really envision this song, especially during our 5-7 tracting sessions. It's been super foggy/misty this week and with it being dark so early and the fog rolling in, being out in the boonies a lot of the roads we knock are super long farm roads and the only light is our flashlights and the stars (which look amazing out here, btw). But, with the fog, the light only reflects back at us so we can only see like maybe 2-3 feet ahead of us and just surrounded by foresty-jungle trees. It can be scary sometimes. But, one thing I've been thinking about is that first line in the song "The night is dark and I am far from home; Lead thou me on! ... I loved to choose and see my path but now lead thou me on." The concept has become a lot more visual, and it parallels with my mission. I'm the kind of person that very much likes to see where I'm going (ie my flashlight points forward, not at the ground) but as I've been learning, we don't always see where we're headed and we simply have to push forward trusting that God is guiding you. We don't know all the reasons yet, and sometimes it can be scary, but we can let God lead us. I have felt that, not only in His guiding me but in His pushing me on. The days where I don't feel I can keep going I have felt his arms wrap around me and help carry me forward telling me it's going to be ok, you can do it. He is there, and He hears our prayers both silent and uttered. I know He does. 
The lady we live with, Kay, came to church yesterday! We talked a lot about prayer, and she has a hard time with it because her prayers didn't save her husband from cancer. But I think she's to a point we can start teaching her again :) Also, her niece Miriam just got out of jail and she said she wanted to meet with us, so we went over there on Saturday the morning after she got out and she told us she's read the whole Book of Mormon and LOVED it, and as soon as she gets permission from the court she's going to start coming to church with her 2 kids! We are so excited about her. She is amazing and has completely turned her life around. She told us she would go around to the other ladies in jail with the Book of Mormon saying - you guys should read this it's amazing. She totally agreed with additional scripture and that God hasn't stopped speaking to us. :) It was awesome and we're so excited to see her again. 
We got to see Tea yesterday, who's a recent convert. She went to the temple for the first time to do baptisms for her mom and grandma! She told us that her mom was a super perfectionist and she never felt like anything she did was good enough for her, but as she watched the girl getting baptized for her mom, she had this overwhelming feeling that her mom was pleased :) It was so cool, and she is so happy.
Oh! Cool story - knocking the other night we felt like we should go down another street than we'd planned, and the 2nd door we knocked on this lady opened the door with this shocked look on her face, and we said we're missionaries and she was like whoa wait, hold up. We were just arguing about Jesus.. and apparently she and her family were all discussing and got into this argument about Jesus and right after one guy left the table all heated and upset we knocked on the door. haha! We said "well, we teach people more about Jesus and help them to strengthen their relationship with him" and she was super shocked, and just kept staring at us and laughing. And she told us we could come back and share with her! :) It was awesome and I just kept laughing all night about it, it was so perfect.
I love this work. I love being able to go out and share what I know with people and see it better their day and their life. I know it's true. I know God knows us and He loves us and He finds a way to bring His children home. I am forever thankful that I get to be here :) Thank you for your support and encouragement, I love you so much!! Have the greatest week ever!
Sister Wilson

PS - Happy superbowl! #goseahawks (yes, people are going insane up here - we're on lockdown on Sunday haha)
  this is a tractor getting some gas for his trek back to the farm #yelmlife

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