Thursday, February 5, 2015

Groundhog Day!

Everybody's been going crazy about the Superbowl - we heard tons of fireworks/guns last night and thought they'd won.. I guess people just wanted to still have fun I suppose.
We got to spend the night in Lacey last night with Sisters Rasmussen and Dunster and had a blast. We had a zone meeting during the superbowl (we played scripture bowl) and instead of driving all the way home and back today we got permission from President to spend the night! We all went home around 6 so we had like all night to have fun and their neighbor brought us tons of leftover superbowl snacks. So much fun.
So, we had a Zone Conference this week in Lakewood which was awesome and got me super pumped up. And then our weekend was full of miracles!! That family last week we interrupted during an arugument about Jesus - we went back and taught the Restoration and she told us she'd sincerely pray about it and took us as a sign. I'm so excited for her :) Her name is Lois. THEN... DIANA CALLED US. Yes! Diana! Who had dropped us so violently, she called us Friday morning and when I answered the phone she said "... do you still love me? Will you come back and see me? My family can have their church but I want mine - the Mormons have it" and talked about how she really felt different after her blessing and she came to both the adult session and normal session of stake conference this weekend!! She is back on date to be baptized on Valentines day! :) Woo! I was so happy - I can't even tell you. This gospel brings so much joy - it is true! 
Thankfully I was only sick a few days this week and am feeling much better - miraculous recoveries as a missionary :)
To all my family members with birthdays this week - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am sending my love to all the parties!
I love you all dearly and hope you have a fantastic week!!
SIster Wilson

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