Monday, February 9, 2015

7 months say what

Illness is hitting this area pretty hard lately - eeeverybody is sick. All our member meals cancelled and we had several lessons fall through, but thankfully we are still going strong.
We had a pretty intense explosion in Relief Society yesterday, but thankfully Diana still wants to get baptized this Saturday! :) We are SO excited. We had 4 lessons with her this past week, and on Saturday we were kinda worried because she started to doubt (she had taken herself off her meds but then put herself back on so it was kinda bumpy road) but she walked into church yesterday with this big smile on her face and when I asked how she was feeling she said "I know the Book of Mormon is true!" She has changed so much - that is one of the most amazing things I have been able to see these past 7 months (why yes, today is my 7 month mark) is that the Gospel truly changes people. The light and life and love that has come into Diana's life is remarkable. Since that first night we knocked on her door to now, it's incredible! I absolutely love this work. She is getting baptized this Saturday morning! I showed her the font yesterday and explained to her what will happen and she is nervous and excited :) Prayers her way would be much appreciated this week!!
We are hopefully taking Sierra to the temple this Friday night!! We were kind of worried about her getting a family name in time, but her stepmom (Bambi) has apparently done all of Sierra's dad's genealogy!! We're super hoping it works out, I especially miss the temple lately and I can't wait to go! We're taking a mission trip to the temple together in March - I'm stoked :)
Transfer calls are this Saturday and I've had the feeling I may be getting transferred.. We'll find out this weekend! I love this ward so much, it would be really hard to leave.
I was studying this morning in 1 Nephi 17 where Nephi is commanded to build a ship, and I just love Nephi - he is one of the most amazing examples of faith and trust in God, he is unwavering and I want to be like that. When God told him to build a ship, his response was not "uh, what?" or "why?" or "I don't know how to do that, sorry" it was "where can I find the tools?" Nephi never doubted that God knew what He was doing, and trusted that God would show him the way. And of course, God did - he showed him where he could find things to make tools and how to build the ship. And of course Nephi's brothers were doubtful and said "You don't know what you're doing. You're crazy" There is a quote I like from a talk about missionary work that says "God does not expect immediate perfection, but he does expect immediate progress." Nephi didn't know how to build a ship, and God didn't expect him to have a ship in one day, but he began by asking how it can be done and started building. God commands us to do things sometimes that take time to develop, but He has a plan for you. If we follow His direction and trust in Him, we can become the people He has designed us to become. I know that He knows us individually and we are His children. He wants each of us to return to Him someday as the people we were meant to be. We are given trials in this life to test ourself, become stronger and become those people. More than anything He loves us, and He always will. I'm so grateful for this gospel and for the testimony He has given me of the plan of salvation and that each of us has a purpose here. We can't let ourselves forget who we are and who we are meant to become. Let God shape you and lead you :)
I love each of you so much and I can't express how thankful I am for every one of you. I feel so blessed to be so supported and loved. :)
Sister Wilson

some pictures!
 the sisters at zone meeting

and our sleepover last week!

 this is us doing some daily planning...

and this is me sitting in front of the heater in the bathroom
because it's always so dang cold downstairs

 yesterday driving to early church meetings we saw the sunrise coming up behind Rainier (it's been pouring for like 4 days so that was cool) and this does no justice. it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

and this is just the beauty I see every day. It's amazing.

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