Monday, February 23, 2015

Olympia Round 2!

So, it's been super weird being so close to my last area! But I LOVE Olympia! It's been so fun being back. I have already seen a few people I knew and I know I'll be seeing a lot more :) It's so so fun being back. 
Last night we had a fireside in Elma and we got to carpool with the Oly 3rd sisters (my first area) and I got to see the cottage and all the houses I knocked on and the beauties. Ah. So fun. The only downfall I've seen so far is the spiders are back.. Not super looking forward to that.
So anyway! It's also really weird having 2 wards - we spend almost 6 hours at church on Sundays.. and twice as many people to learn but Heavenly Father is definitely helping me. The work in both wards is really super slow right now.. We are going to be doing a ton of finding this transfer but I have complete faith that God really is preparing people and we are going to find them! I love my new companion, Sister Tanner. She is kind of quiet but so sweet and we have fun. Fun fact: she has worn yellow every single day since she was 4. And literally she wears yellow every single day. Yellow everything, in fact. Even her tweezers.
We had a fireside last night and it was SO fun to see missionary friends - I got to accompany 2 different musical numbers, which was super fun. One of which I just kind of improv-ed from the hymn book, it was so great. I really miss being able to play more often, but it just makes me appreciate even more the times I do get to play! I LOVE firesides - they are so special. New converts will tell their story and bear their testimony and the missionaries do musical numbers and all of the missionaries will sing "called to serve" and the EFY medley song and "amazing grace" and the spirit is SO strong. I have never felt it so strong as I do when all of us are singing. It is truly one of the most amazing things I've ever felt. There is so much love and strength in those meetings. I love it so much.
As is the usual, I'm on computers in Oly again and have approzimately 25 seconds to finish this before I'm logged out so I just will say I LOVE YOU ALL and I hope you have the best week! This work is true! The spirit is real and God loves you!!
Sister Wilson
 Sister Harbaugh and I and Sierra at the temple Friday night!

 also, WA is the most beautiful place ever and I'm sad to leave the country
 our district is my favorite

 Diana's baptism! 


these are some of the signs outside the library in Downtown Oly... if that gives you a little description of what it's like ;)

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