Monday, February 16, 2015

There and Back Again!

So, this weekend was probably one of the most busiest weekends of my entire mission thus far. 
But first! I found out I'm being transferred this week, and guess what! I'm going back to Olympia!! I'll be in 1st and 5th wards with Sister Tanner, who is going home next transfer so I'll be killing her there and taking over. One of those wards is a YSA ward I think, so it'll be interesting. I got to bear my testimony in church yesterday as a goodbye to Deschutes ward, and it broke my heart. I LOVE this ward, and I'm going to miss them a ton. But I'm super excited to see what this next transfer holds, and see Oly again! 
So this weekend we took Sierra to the temple to do baptisms and Diana got baptized and we went to UP to see one of Sis Harbaugh's old people get baptized! And just about everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong, haha. It was ridiculous. Sis Harbaugh and I have titled this weekend "Faith Boot Camp" because it really was. But despite the overwhelming odds against us this weekend, everything worked out! :) We even made it to the Seattle temple in an hour and a half during rush hour on a Friday night - which nobody believed it could happen but we had been praying all day and traffic was beautiful the whole way there! (I'll tell you about all the miracles this weekend another day when we're not crunched for time.)
Going to the temple with Sierra was so great - even though all her youth friends didn't come we had fun on the drive and it was an awesome experience - she brought her great-gpa's name and she loved the whole thing. And that temple is way beautiful!! I'm SO glad we made it, I've really super missed the temple. 
Diana's baptism was a heck of a time, haha. It takes about 2 hours to fill the font so we got there at 7 to start it, and about 30 min later I went to check on it and realized we hadn't plugged it... so it had just been draining. *hits head against the wall* So we fixed it and it started filling for reals, and we'd asked Diana to get to the church around 8:40, and at 8:45 her ride showed up without her... and we were like, um, where's Diana? and right then Diana called us super nervous saying her ride isn't here and she needed to be there and so we sent her ride back to get her. In the meantime, past 9 we didn't have any presiding authority so we called the 1st counselor and he said he told the 2nd counselor to come, so we called him and he was totally in the dark about everything and said he could be there in 30 minutes... So. We started the baptism a lil late, but Diana made it and it all worked out and it was awesome. Her confirmation was fantastic at church yesterday too, and when we all sustained her a member her face just lit up. She is SO happy. I have seen such an amazing change in her since that first night we met her, and she was telling us the past few days "Thank you for coming to my door! Thank you for knocking on my door!" over and over :) It is so humbling and just amazing to be a part of this work. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm glad I could leave this area with a bang and I know Sis Harbaugh will take good care of it :) Well, I have no time to write today because I have to go pack and we have a zone lunch up in Lacey.. so . I love you all so so much and hope you have the greatest week!!
Sister Wilson
This is our district. It's a pretty accurate depiction.

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