Monday, December 14, 2015

A day in the life of Sister Wilson

So, sorry I don't have many pictures to share this week. It's been a little crazy!

We had transfers, and Jones left to Tacoma for her final 3 weeks and Sister Scheer came to Bainbridge with me! She's from San Antonio, Texas and she's pretty great. We get along way good and are having lots of fun!

We had MLC (mission leadership council) on Friday which was super good - we've been talking a lot about ways we can use members more in finding and teaching (because that's super important btw) We're starting a "member area book" which probably doesn't make sense if you don't understand missionary life, but it's super cool and I'm excited to start using it.
So since we don't have much going on to report (just lots of finding) I figured I would explain to you what a day in the life of Sister Wilson looks like. if you've ever wondered.
So we wake up every morning (even weekends) at 6:30am sharp. I roll out of bed and say my prayers and we go out into the living room to work out (which typically doesn't begin til 6:40 with potty breaks and prayers) lately we've been using workout videos, which sometimes leave us sore.
At 7am we get ready for the day and one of us showers while the other eats breakfast (usually cereal and we'll do hair and makeup and all that jazz til 8:00 when we start our personal study! (this is my favorite part) I study the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes (roughly, depending on how into it I get sometimes I lose track of time) and usually PMG or a conference talk for the rest of the time. Then at 9 we do companion study together! We share what we learned in study and plan lessons (if any) and practice teaching. Then at 10 we grab our things and go out for the day! We'll usually do service if we have some or go street contacting in the mornings. We'll have lunch eventually (usually a sandwich because they're cheap and easy) and depending on the day we'll have district meeting, weekly planning, or other various activities. In the afternoon we might go street contacting again or go through the ward list to find people we don't know or part member families. 
THEN we have dinner at 4pm (usually with ward members) (the most popular meals are pasta) and every day from 5-7 we go knock doors. Lately it's super dark and pouring rain the last 8 or 9 days, but sometimes it will let up as soon as we start knocking :) #tendermercy People are typically pretty nice, or quick to say "not interested" and shut the door, and usually we interrupt dinners, but people are home! Knocking along the water tends to have less people at home, but there's some beautiful views! (lately our approaches are all focused on #ASaviorIsBorn and inviting people to the Christmas Eve service) After knocking we typically have lessons with people at 7:15 and 8:15. If not, we will go through some part-member families or unbaptized children or potential investigators trying to find people to teach. Then we're in every day between 9-9:30pm. Right when we get home we pray for planning the next day (which usually takes about 20-30min) and then say another prayer for lots of people. Then after that is decomp time, which usually consists of writing in journals or talking or something. It changes every day actually. But it's always a fun day!

So, sorry if that was boring. But now you know what I do at every hour of the day. The fill time between all of those things (and during some of them) is a lot of talking and laughing and praying and sweating and crying and more praying and laughing and fun :) It's not something I can really portray, but missionary life is super awesome and I love it. 
I love this gospel so much and I've been reflecting on how much it has really truly blessed my life. I know that I would not be here physically or spiritually without my Savior Jesus Christ and all He has done for me, a lot of which I'm sure I don't see. I am so grateful for Him and this season to celebrate Him!!! :) 
I love you all so much! 
Sister Wilson

 Jonesie and I beforehand doing her hair for her final testimony

 at transfer meeting with some of my favorites! My new companion is Sis Scheer (blonde on the far right) 


 Bainbridge Island ward had a "Marionette Nativity" performance by the youth - they imported (and maybe designed?) marionettes from the Czech Rep and built everything and decked out the gym. It was WAY good and lots of nonmember friends came!

 MLC pictures!

 oh, this is my companion! at MLC

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