Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas again!

Our Christmas was awesome, probably one of the best! We were suuuper spoiled on Bainbridge, and we had so much fun. The ward put on a Christmas Eve service which went really well and there was lots of nonmembers there! We didn't find anyone to teach from it but it was definitely a great experience. I got to play a special piano number that went well thanks to lots of prayer! After it ended, our zone stayed at the building and the ward had prepared a special (waaaay nice) dinner for us! They got each of the missionaries a stocking full of really nice gifts too, it was amazing!!! We played in the gym afterward and had a ton of fun together. 
Christmas day we were allowed to sleep in til 8! But we were both up before 7 (I tried to sleep in, really.) So we opened the rest of our packages and went to the Uhl's to skype the Scheer family, and then went to the Harris' after that for brunch where a couple other members were. Then we went back to the Uhl's to skype the Wilson family (wootwoot!) and hung around there for a bit afterwards. Then we went home and helped Sis Haugen (who we live with) wash some dishes and then had dinner with the Close family and then we went to Bishop Cook's house where I played some songs for them and they fed us another super yummy Mexican dinner. We have such a great ward, I love them. I feel super blessed to be here, especially for Christmas! They're also having a New Year's Eve party that we're going to help set up that's supposed to be a huge hit (they deck out the church hardcore) So that will be fun! 
We're still just trying to find people to teach, it's a little slow, but good things are ahead! I know from the past 17 months that when we're doing what we can the Lord will bless us. So we're tryin. 
I'm so grateful for Christmas. It was such a great time, and more than ever before I really felt like I was celebrating Jesus Christ. I've never felt so much joy and love when thinking about Him, and especially singing the Christmas songs I truly felt like I was celebrating Him. And it makes me so happy!!! I am so grateful for my Savior and all He has done for me. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity and privilege it is to serve Him and share His gospel with the people here. I love you each so much and I'm grateful for your support and love! Have the best week and a happy new year!
Sister Wilson

 the mission Christmas party on Tuesday

 matching Christmas presents

 skyping! :)

  It SNOWED!!! Only enough to dust everything and it was gone by this morning, but it snowed! (We've been praying for it) :)

 Everybody ran outside during the break at church to play in the snow for a minute - Ellie Uhl (4) ran up to us [SO excited] and threw her arms up and said "Heavenly Father understood my prayer!!!" It was pretty much the cutest thing I'd ever seen :)
 also, during 5-7s last night somebody had built a little snowman!


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