Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!


I love you all so much!
So we're short on time today, we're spending the day in Silverdale and spending the night so we can leave early with the other sisters (they're helping us conserve miles) to the mission Christmas party! It's all day Tuesday and I'm way pumped. Me and another sister who plays cello are going to play "o come o come Emmanuel" (piano guys version) as a musical number while a couple other people put words to it! Pray it goes well, we don't have much practice time haha
So as a thought, we were asked to write a 5 minute talk on "A Savior is Born" for the mission Christmas party (and we'll be called on at random to present them to the mission) so I thought I'd share a couple thoughts with you of my feelings about it.
First of all, I made a list the other day of "17 Things I've learned in 17 months as a sister missionary" (I would read it to you, but it's at the apartment) but I know that none of those things that have become so dear to me would be possible without Jesus Christ. I know I could have never overcome any of it without Him. I could not be the person I am now and I could never become the person I want to become if my Savior wasn't born. I know that He has all power and mercy and love, and He gives it so graciously. It is only in His strength that I can do anything, and I am only truly strong when I am weak, when I give my everything to Him. I have done what I never thought I could do, and I am becoming something I never thought I could become, but it's only through Jesus Christ that any of that is possible. I can never express the gratitude and love that I feel for my Savior. 
In the video, my favorite is the little African who is so passionate and HAPPY to tell the story of Jesus, and I feel that this year more than ever I feel so HAPPY to really celebrate the birth of Jesus. In church yesterday (our ward's theme is "thinking outside the box" btw) they did a "Christmas Hymn-along" and whoever wanted to would go up and ask to sing a certain Christmas hymn and then tell what it means to them. It was super cool and the Spirit was super strong - I felt so HAPPY. I am so happy to have a testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel and to have it so much in my life. I am so grateful beyond words for all He's done for me and His grace and love in my life. He came for us, and He died for us. I know that He lives and that He will come again. I love Him so much.
I love you all so much and I am so grateful to have you in my life! You mean the world to me and I am forever grateful for all you've done for me! I love you! Have the best Christmas!
Sister Wilson
 exchanges with Sister Minnich and Sister Harward - I went to Kitsap Lake / Seabeck with Sister Minnich! A kind member gave us blazing hot chocolate

 here's our super quick super bad Christmas picture.. ha. Sorry.


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