Monday, November 10, 2014

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Okay, so. I'm going to start with the beginning of the week and move to the end, cause that's the best part :) 

So, we're teaching a part member family, and the mom Bambi is coming back to church full force and so we're teaching her and her husband's kids - 4 teenagers (13, 14, 14, 15). We've taught 2 of them consistently now, Zach and Sierra, and Macs (Mackenzie) has come to church a couple times but isn't there when we teach. Sierra is all for being baptized and is totally into YW - she's got a part in YWIE on Thursday and has already volunteered to teach the lesson next Sunday! Awesome! Zach is a little more reserved but he's way smart and is praying about baptism. We're going over there tonight to teach the 3rd lesson :) 
Thursday mornings we play basketball with Stephanie Smith from our ward and a whole lot of her nonmember friends! This was the 3rd week now and we say a prayer after (at first it was a lil awk, but they're totally into it now! Haha! *fistpump) It's been going awesome and this week Stephanie wasn't even there so it was us and like 8 nonmember ladies. So fun.
Ok so on Thursday we went on an exchange! It was inspired, lemme tell you. I needed that that day. I stayed in Deschutes and Sis Fowkes came here while Stevens went to Lacey. It was so good. I just love Sis Fowkes. We had fun :) We taught a UBC Damion about tithing using skittles and we ended up having a real good talk with his mom about it after (she is a RC and struggles with tithing).
Cool story! When we went out knocking (and we were on time for the first time in a long time..), we started knocking a street Stevens had told us to, and when we got there I had the thought "you're not needed here" but I kinda thought, well I mean we're already here, and we're on time for once! So maybe it's ok.. and after about 10 minutes of fighting it, Fowkes kinda slowed down and said, "I'm not really feelin in on this street" and I was like, "Ok great me either!" and it was kind of a little kick in the butt like, LISten, sister wilson, come on! So, we prayed and I could only know one other neighborhood that's not super boony-sketch so that's where we went after we prayed about it. And as we were knocking we met this cool guy who just happened to be at this random house and said he wanted to check it out! And then as we started walking down another street I thought "you need to go to that house" on the other side of the street, and we only had about 10 minutes left and I thought about it some more and kept staring at it (we were automatically walking down the other side to finish it) but the thought kept coming to me so I stopped and said let's do this side, and we walked back up the hill to that house and when we knocked on it this lady Bonnie answered the door and said "oh, ladies, I'm not interested." and we said "alright, well is there anything we can do for you tonight?" and she immediately all the sudden started crying! and she said "pray for me? pray for my soul.." and we said a prayer right there with her and she just cried. And when we were done she said "thank you" and shut the door. Right before this (while I was thinking we needed to go to this house) Fowkes had asked what my favorite scripture is, and I have a million but my longest-time favorite is D+C 121:7-9 so I told her that one. And when we walked away from Bonnie's house Fowkes said, "we should write down that scripture and tape it to her door" and so we did! but we replaced "my son" with Bonnie. And we haven't heard anything from her, but hopefully it did some good.  [D&C 121:7-9 --My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes. Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands.]

After exchanging back on Friday morning we all got to go to Panera for lunch together! :) Oh how I miss that place (it's the closest thing to Paradise bakery). 
So, my birfday. It was awesome :) I got 2 packages on Friday and one Saturday! So THANK YOU so much for those! I have the BEST family and friends in the whole world!!!! I restrained opening the presents til my bday morning :) (except the cookies cause those have an expiration date) (all of them are already gone) And I can say I think I will be warmer this winter :) It is actually getting pretty darn cold at night... haha. But my birthday was BEAUTIFUL outside! It was sunny once the fog left and beautiful all day! The sun was out and shining and I just soaked it all up, and you could see Rainier awesome! I'll send the pic. All day we got to go around and check on people with a couple in our ward and they took us out to lunch! Then the Bowers family had us over for dinner and they made me a cake and sang! :) Sis Bowers got me flowers too with a little plastic bday balloon (and it was way funny - she brought them out and her 8 yr old was like.. hey.. that's my balloon...#recycle) They are a awesome family :) 
After dinner we went straight to David's baptism!!! Oh my goodness it was the best best thing in the world! I got to see all the Oly 3rd ward and they all remembered me and Dutch was even there (and he got me 3 dozen roses - my heavens I adore that man. I just love him.) David is so awesome. Seeing him was the best, and he gave his testimony after which rocked. He said some nice things that made me realize that I did have an impact on him - and it's the best feeling in the world! EMILY I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! Your testimony is needed in DC and that is pretty much the best place for you to go not only beacuse it's beautiful but someone there needs YOUR testimony! They are waiting there and being prepared for you right now!! :D I love you!
I have to go, but I want all of you to know that I LOVE you all! Being a missionary is the hardest most wonderful thing in the whole world and everybody needs to be a missionary. My testimony is tested everyday but I know having faith and returning to the source of good is how you get stronger. I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a fantastic week!!
some of my favorite goodies ;)
some adventures whilst tracting (cute little baby stop sign that needed an additional "stop here" in case you couldn't see it...) (...I may or may not have see it the first time)

aaaand birthday cake!
 David's Baptism

Dutch's flowers

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