Monday, November 3, 2014

Baptisms and Birthdays (<-- catchy I know)

Ok so my most exciting news I have been dying to tell you all this week - 

DAVID IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! I got a call from Oly 3rd Monday night and after that fireside last Sunday, when we sang Beautiful Savior, turns out that is his most favorite song and us singing it was like an answer to prayers and Sister Rea called and said, "Sister Wilson, David has decided to be baptized and I'm going to need you to be here on November 8th" Little did any of them know it would be my birthday, but I can't think of a better day! :D David has come so so far and it is pretty much the most amazing thing in the entire world and I am SO excited for Saturday where I get to go back to Olympia and see him get baptized!! AH! I can't even tell you! We put so much prayer and fasting and tears and effort into helping him and even when he dropped us so many times, the Spirit was seriously working on him. He is the biggest testimony to me that we really don't do anything - the Spirit is the one that is converting people. Honestly there is no way in the world that I would have been able to do anything to help a grown man with a master's degree in theology and who had been studying ministry his whole life, but I'm so so glad that my little testimony was able to help him somehow. Being out here is the most wonderful work I have ever done. I've just been thinking lately how strange it all is - I have met and talked to more people in the last 3 months than I have probably in the last 3 years. (probably more like 10 years really) It's pretty much super fun :)
Everybody needs to go hear the talk "The Missionary Next Door" - listen to it for FHE or something, cause it is just the best. 
A Washington thought - you know how when it rains all the worms come out? I just would like you let you know that worms come out here, too. Except they are the size of my forearm. (no joke). Family- remember that one time we were driving somewhere and the street turned yellow with all the thousands of caterpillars going across it? Imagine that, except with every few feet is a worm that looks like a snake. haha. (all the creepy-crawlies here are just magnified to AZ I suppose). People also who have lived here forever say "Warsh-ington" it's pretty funny.
The work here is in a sort of recoil phase and is about to explode. We have a lot of potentials we are working with - I think 3 of them are part-member families and we have like 3 other people we knocked into. So I'm excited. We set a goal for 4 baptisms this month (it was cool - during weekly planning last week when we were going to set this goal we each said a little prayer about it and thought for a minute and both wrote down 4 - "indigestion") 
OH! Speaking of! Halloween was SO fun. We all got put on lockdown in the stake center with our zone from 3-8 (for safety and so we were all accounted for so no missionary could be blamed for anything) and we played Mafia (missionary style - gadianton robbers and district leaders.. i was the seer/revelator. lol) and had pizza and watched the Best Two Years. It is even funnier as a missionary, lemme tell you. So every time me and my comp will both feel like we should do something at the same time we have always said "indigestion" and now my comp understands why ;) ha! 
So anyhways, I just want you all to know that this is totally God's work. It is the coolest thing seeing the Spirit in action with people and seeing them change. Being an instrument for Him is amazing, and I hope and pray you can have missionary experiences and feel that power too!! Repentance is just a fancy word for change. I am so so blessed to be here. I love you all! :)
Oh btw, I cut off 12 inches of hair today.... I'll send pics :)
Sister Charity Wilson
 this is a pretty typical tracting 
(before daylight savings - which is rather sucky, btw.. it's just dark always now)

 # stevens takes selfies

# stevens takes selfies

 and this is me and some cow-friends

 and my hair this morning..... pre-chop


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