Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life in Deschutes

Okay, so I love the country. We got to go back to Olympia last night for a fireside (which was awesome- I'll talk about that in a sec) and I just immediately wanted to go back into the country-land. I think I'm going to live in the country someday hopefully, because I just feel at home and it's so laid-back and BEAUTIFUL. (and the speed limit is always over 50 which is nice) I don't miss city traffic and buildings everywhere and whatnot. So I do love this area.

The weather lately has been quite an adventure... haha. It gets into the 40's and humidity is at like 98% always. So knocking in the dark pouring freezing sleet-rain is ridiculous - we were walking backwards to keep our hoods on and not face the iciness in our face, but after Saturday night we were literally soaked through everything (my skirt is still drying) and freezing and it's quite an adventure. I couldn't help but just be laughing all night and how ridiculous it was. It's rather exciting cause while Stevens and I were walking backwards shivering yelling over the wind-rain I said "so it's like this every night in the winter right? this is the cold?" and she said "this is nothing.." SO. Winter 2014 here we go!

So the fireside last night in Olympia was AWESOME. I got to sing twice actually! :D I got to duet for a part in the EFY medley we sang (and it's cool cause we say we are now the Lord's missionaries instead of we will be and it gives you the chills) and then got to be part of a elder-sister group singing beautiful savior. It was so great! I miss miss miss singing. It was so fun. AND I got to see David and Eleanor last night!!!! David came and it was SO good to see him! I was joking with him and said "see ya at your baptism ;)" and he just scoffed at me. HA! It's happening. ;) And Eleanor I just absolutely adore. There is the most wonderful feeling in the world seeing the people you love so much again!! It fills your whole soul! I can't even describe it to you! All of the craziness is worth it in the end.
After the fireside we got to sleepover with the STL's in Lacey which was a blast. This morning we got to all study together and went to lunch (at PANERA!!!) and just had a jolly good time.
So anyway. This area has so much going for it and I'm so excited to see how this all turns out! We found a few new investigators and are teaching like 6 unbaptized kids, which is fun stuff.
I am just learning a ton always. It is super humbling being a missionary. I love these people!

And ok here's a thought I was pondering this morning in study. I was reading in Alma 2ish and the Amlicites join up with the Lamanites and come up against the Nephites (the righteous ones at the time) and it says that they see the bad guys coming "as many as the sands in the sea" , so I totally just imagine the scene in Mulan where there's this lil group of them and they see the clouds move and there's these masses of Huns coming over the mountains towards them, and there's no way they can logically defeat these guys. BUT, back to the scriptures, it says the Nephites prayed mightily unto the lord (I would too, rather mightily I might add) and because of their faith it says that the Lamanites began to flee, even though they were still outnumbered.  Its totally a pattern in the scriptures that when a nation wages war in anger/hatred, its those in defense of their land and family, on God's side that always wins. Every time. God's side will always persevere, so why would we ever choose the opposite side? AND, even when they were still outnumbered the bad guys were running away and I think of those people on our side fighting for us that we cant always see. They're there too :)  we are never alone!

I love you!!! I hope you have the best week ever!
Sister Charity Wilson

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