Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Charity's camera died and so we haven't seen many pictures lately, but her comp had a camera she wasn't using and let Charity use it this transfer.  So....here are some pictures! Yay :)

this is me and sister Chapman (from gilbert - she just went home!)
and the massive burger 5 of us split at zone lunch last Monday :)

These are roses Dutch got us - the last ones on his bush. 
Because "life is about giving your last pretty roses to pretty people" 

Abbey and Sister Wilson
David, Sis Rea and Wilson
(one of their investigators)

Woops! (dropped the frog)

Isn't he cute?!
 Another one on someones doorstep

me and sis Stevens! 
we got to pick pumpkins at a members the other day!

and the GORGEOUSNESS of WA!!!!

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