Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6

Ok, so. Apparently this is my last week of "12week training".. which means I don't get a special extra hour of study in the morning which will be sad, cause that's my favorite part of the morning. But! Now I can be really missionary! Which is scary! 
I did get Wendy's package, and Amy's package too!  That was so so fun!! Tell both of them I just love them so so much!! And Sis Rasmussen and Kramer were at Zion's Camp! I just love seeing them more than anything. I feel like that's how it will be in heaven when you see everyone you just love so much and your heart just is over filled and so so happy! 
Anyhoo, so. David, after we kept trying to have him keep meeting with us (he loves our discussions) and telling us he knows in his heart the BoM is true, dropped us officially. His pastor suddenly died and no one knows why, and he "has to be there for his congregation" and "took it as a sign" ... So. That's sad. But Sis Rea is convinced he will get there someday. He knows it's true, he just can't wrap his head around some things (he does have a masters in theology so growing up on different ideas is hard).
Ok, so, Robin is amazing. I love her to death! I feel like she and I have such similar experiences and I just feel like I really connect with her and it is just awesome!! She watched conference on her own on Saturday and Sunday morning she came with us and we watched it at Bishop's house! (which they made pancakes and we had breakfast and watched - felt like home :) She really liked it, and afterwards she told us "I'm certain I want to be baptized" (YAY) but she wants to do it on her birthday (Nov 4) (same as you ma!;)) so her family can come! Which is a little further than planned, but we also found out she's living with her I think it'll be ok. We're a little nervous about teaching that subject, but she is so great and we know it will work out. We're so excited for her!!
We kept trying to check on Zach and Holly, but they were never home. And last night we found Holly at home, and she was super awkward/quiet and eventually said "Zach is no longer staying here so...and I'm expecting company" Soo, awk. She didn't want us coming back and apparently Zach's gone. Don't know what'll happen there. 
We watched Saturday morning with Julie, and she loved it! I think things are really starting to click with her and I'm so excited. She said "You know, the whole concept of there being a prophet is really new to me.." beforehand and we watched the full-length Joseph Smith movie with her Tuesday and she said how she never realized the church had ever left and it was super thought-provoking so I'm super excited for her. We watched Saturday afternoon with Cala and Jaslynn, (btw, things didn't go well with her telling her mom.. she took it as a joke :( she's having a hard time) and that was way fun. Jas kept trying to steal my candy (and succeeded a couple times) so that was entertaining. I just love them :)
Conference was SO great. Them speaking their native language was way cool! I thought the interpreter's voice was kinda funny sometimes, but you know.. whatever. I LOVED D. Todd Christofferson's talk. I loved what he was saying about how you can't make your own ideas truth because truth is truth. I think that all the time when people will tell us "oh, I don't believe in what you guys preach" or "your beliefs don't line up with me" and we're like, well, I hate to tell you this but uh you can't decide what's gonna happen when you die. God has a plan, and we're part of it. HE makes the rules, and has laid out the path for us to get back to Him. I actually stood up to someone the other day. (seeing how far I've come already surprises me hardcore.. who am I even going to be in another 3 months??)  Usually my dear companion will let them know what she's thinking but after she starting closing the door I just said something about "you know we're here because we HAVE prayed about it, and we do know it's true" or something along those lines, and she actually listened to me for a minute.. I speak very differently than that of my comp, and I think maybe it kind of threw her off guard, but she heard me out instead of slamming it. So that was kind of cool. Anyway. I lovellovelove general conference. And Jorg K(german-something)'s talk was way good too. I wish I had my notes, but I just love that we have that kind of guidance today! How cool is it that we know that we have prophets and apostles to lead us! I used to be frustrated being born in the church cause converts seem to get this solid testimony cause they have a past life to compare it to, but I'm so glad to know that there IS a God in Heaven who LOVES us, and He knows who we are! He does! And He called a prophet to help us on our path and I love hearing their words which are totally and completely inspired. 
I love you all so much! I hope you have a fantastic week! :)
-Sister Charity Wilson

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