Monday, October 13, 2014


Ok! I have 15 minutes to include my life story. Or so it feels.
David DID call us back and told us he watched 17 miracles after conference and it was super inspiring to him and he wants to meet in the future! He's just super caught up with things right now but he still wants to be taught and learn :) YAY!! I was so happy I can't even tell you. I jumped around doing fist pumps forever. So, we kind of put him on the backburner til he called us Friday night in tears... He is having a super hard time with things and he didn't have anyone else to call so we met him at the church and the Elders gave him a blessing, and it seemed to help him- he was able to calm down and stop crying. Then I just felt like I should play him a song, so I got that binder you sent me and played him the arrangement of Nearer My God to Thee and had him read the words while I played, and he totally changed. It was really really cool - remember Mom when we talked about me being able to use my talents to bless people? I totally got to :) And it was really special. He told me before I go he wants me to bear my testimony to him because I haven't really had the chance to. So I get to do that tonight and I think it'll be really special. He said "before sister Wilson leaves I would really like to hear her testimony. I'll meet you at whatever time is good, I can work around it" so that made me feel really happy and I'm excited :)
Speaking of me leaving, I'm being transferred tomorrow!!! First one #holla. I'm going to Deschutes River in Yelm with Sis Stevens! I met her at Zion's Camp a couple weeks ago and she's a natural leader, and I'll be killing her there and taking over the area when she leaves. So, that's exciting! The only thing I have heard about Yelm so far is about Ramtha and that people worship and channel enlightment from lizard people that live in Mt Rainier.... and it's huge there. So. That will be fun? Ha!
Ok really quick I want to share my experience this morning - so, I've kind of been struggling with knowing that "this is the only true church" (we do get a lot of reasons why it shouldn't be and whatnot rather often you know) and if I am doing the right thing telling people that because a lot of people love their church and whatnot. So this morning in my studies I prayed and immediately when I thought if I should be here right now I thought of the night I first opened my papers online - I was sitting on Jennie's couch after Dad had texted me saying it's open, and as soon as it opened and I looked at it I had this super intense burning feeling in my chest. Mind you, I don't ever get that feeling, let alone so intense. And I looked around and walked around a bit to see if I had heartburn or something but it didn't go away, and I was just so so happy inside and I knew it had to be the Spirit telling me that this was right. So I immediately thought back to that and at the time I had wondered like, ok this is great but why is it so so intense? But I knew then so intensely so that now when I look back I can know this IS where I'm supposed to be :) And then I continued to think of what one of the ladies in our ward told Cala before she was baptized, "Even if it wasn't true, I knew it made me a better person" and that I can solidly say. I know that this is God's church. And people argue all the time "well yes my church is too" but I can for sure say I know that this church makes me a better person. I know that I can feel more peace and happiness than I have before because of it and because of Christ. The "rules" and such only make you a better person, and only help you come closer to Him :) I love being a missionary. I totally understand now what people mean when they say it's the most wonderful and hardest thing they've ever done. And it's going by too fast! 
 Already starting transfer #3... Crazy! I love you all SO much!!!
Have a fantastic week! :)
Sister Charity Wilson
 Olympia 3rd Ward Hoe-Down

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