Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Deschutes River

So, here in the Deschutes River Ward, basically you can take everything that Olympia was, invert it, and that is what this area is like. TOTALLY opposite. Our area is huuuge, it takes 40 minutes to drive from one end to the other! And the church is out of our area, which is weird too! And it's country. Way country. Everything is little boonies and during 5-7's some nights we knock like 5-10 houses they're so spread out with long driveways. Everyone has horses and cows and goats and llamas and everything, so that's pretty fun. It is b-e-a-u-tiful though. It gets a little sketchy at night walking through the forest and it is pitch black. The first couple nights we forgot our flashlights... and that was worrisome hah but we're alive! We have reflector belts we have to start wearing too (super attractive, you should see). So. Good times are ahead!

Sister Stevens is great! She has had a pretty difficult mission and she's going home this transfer, so I'm killing her here and taking over the area. This area.. it's just so crazy how different even the wards can be. It's a pretty small ward and most everyone is old. But I like it! We go to the Jackson's a lot, Sister Jackson is just wonderful :) We did our laundry over there yesterday and we got permission from President to email at her house while our laundry is going too - so next week will be normal Monday email! (and no computer cutting us off mid-email :D) So I'm excited for that!

Before leaving Olympia we drove around and said bye to some of my favorite people. Dutch was our first stop, and by golly I just love him so much. He gave me this gorgeous (expensive) diamond necklace! He is the sweetest most genuine old man I will ever meet. I just adore him. He says he's going to pop by the Yelm ward one of these days... haha :) Ah. Dutch.

I also got to meet with David! I don't even remember all I've said about him... but it's been going back and forth and back and forth and I know he knows it's true. He wanted me to bear him my testimony before I left, so we did that Monday night before transfers. And it was cool. I know he'll come around some day:) Hopefully soon. But. And I don't know what happens with Robin - they were supposed to teach her the Law of chastity the night I left (poor new missionary.. baptism by fire) So I really hope that went well. 
This Sunday in Olympia is a fireside we get to go to so I can see everyone again!! YAY! I'm excited.

So, this week we've been driving a whole lot cause you have to drive forever to get anywhere! haha! Most people are pretty nice. And ok. Ramtha is sketch. My first night knocking here we knocked into a "Ramster" (sorry, they prefer to be called "students") and he spent like 20 minutes telling us all about what they believe and whatnot. It's scary. Ramtha IS Satan. Part of the "School of Enlightenment" compound is in our area and Stevens says you can hear them wailing at night.... But. God is on our side. :) And we all know already that God always comes out on top. (even in movies the good side always wins. even in the moment you think "oh man he's done for" somehow it all works out. it always does!)

I feel like this week I have had so much more faith. There are people out there waiting - we just have to find them! Relying on the Spirit is SO important in this work - nothing will get done if you don't have it with you. The power of prayer is real. I know I have a whole lot to learn and grow from this transfer... It will be difficult, but I know it will be awesome! This is God's church! I love being a missionary!! I love you all!!!

Have a fantastic week!
Sister Charity Wilson

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