Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What is Winter?

Okay. This week has been absolutely frigid. I have never been so cold. Holy Moses. Apparently, contrary to popular belief, when the sun comes out is when it gets freezing. Everything freezes (every morning it's been in the 20's when we come out and the highest it's been the past couple days is like 40). I was not built for this weather! My body is used to cooling itself down, not warming up. So whenever the sky would like to kick itself into shape and start raining again, it will warm up. But for now we are all just freezing our little bunsies away. I've been wearing 3 pair of fleece lined tights and wool hiking socks and my liner and coat and gloves and I still convulse in shivers haha. We did find some hand warmers in our apartment but used them all in one knocking sesh. So. The Lord has been good to us in that when I start to lose focus I'm so cold (that's a thing) some kind soul will let us in to warm up :)

SO! Cool stories all around. Knocking on Tuesday night I prayed to know where we should go and when we got to this place I went to park and just felt like we shouldn't be there. When I mentioned that I was not the most supported.. My poor companion has to back me out and she wasn't too thrilled about this.. ha #trooper. But so I started to drive around this loop and halfway around suddenly I felt like we needed to be there. I was way confused, but we felt ok about it so we got out and started tracting and we ran into Jim, who is the nonmember dad of a lady in our ward who comes to our firesides! He let us in and we talked to him. His son was killed in a drive-by shooting in Tacoma 22 years ago and we were able to share a little bit about the plan of salvation - which was way cool. Needless to say, we found out why we needed to drive farther and then suddenly feel like we were needed again :) We've been back there twice now to finish knocking the street and he hasn't been home, so that was inspired. BUT when we felt inspired to go back there the 3rd time and finish some more of the loop, we knocked into Shonda - who we play basketball with every week! Ha! It was way funny, we were all like, wait - whaa?? And she let us in and gave us handwarmers :) They were just about to head out to a party, so we caught them in the nick of time and it was awesome. (now we know where she lives - ha!) She is so funny, I love her. And she's a beast and basketball, she coaches. Hopefully we can have dinner with her and Stephanie soon. 
Speaking of Stephanie, that picture she sent you guys after our "awesome lesson!" ? ... that awesome lesson included Stevens wanting to light a tea bag on fire (a gimmick we're not allowed to use with investigators so members are a safe place to try right?) She lit it on my hand so the little boys weren't dropping fire everywhere, but alas, this tea bag was a bit larger than normal and it then proceeded to tip over while halfway lit and we all maniacally were trying to save it from falling on the carpet and I don't even know what happened but it landed in a plastic bowl.. and then floated upwards in a poof of ashes. #fail. (I see now why we don't use it with investigators).
On a more sober subject, this week was weird. I was struggling with some things and having a difficult time with people and I just didn't feel like myself. But, I had an awesome learning/growing experience so that now my testimony is stronger :) I know that God is there, and I need to rely on Him more. I've known He was there for a long time, but I wasn't relying on Him as much as I should. He makes me who I am, and I need Christ to be a part of my life in order to feel like myself because I feel like He is such a big part of myself and who I am. I feel most like myself when He is with me. He makes me ME. I hope this is making sense... But, I love my Savior Jesus Christ :) He builds me and strengthens me. I am HAPPY when He is with me and I feel confident. He is such a huge part of this work not only in preparing these people to receive us, but preparing us to help them. Let Him change you. Let Him be a part of your life and become all you can become! I feel like on a mission you just internalize a bunch of cliche statements.. They become rooted in my testimony.
One other thing I realized yesterday - God teaches us in ways we understand. A guy spoke in church yesterday about how he loves to skateboard, and the spirit told him a bolt was loose but he ignored it and ended up biffing it. God teaches us what we need to learn in ways that we will recognize it. I just thought that was cool.
I love you all so so so much and I can never thank you enough for you prayers and support :) You are all amazing. I LOVE YOU. Have a fantastic week!!
Sister Wilson
 this is for mommy <3

 everything is completely frozen in the mornings...
(including our car - sometimes the handles are frozen shut
and there's always a layer of ice on it in the morn)

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