Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good Stuff

So much happened this week I don't think I can fit it all, but it was AMAZING.

So Tuesday we woke up with one progressing investigator, and we went to bed that night with THREE progressing investigators and one person on date to be baptized!! It was miracle after miracle.  That night we had a pass-off lesson with a guy Kelly Walker (to make a long story short our ZL's were teaching him for a bit) and in our lesson he is SO golden and SO ready, he was bearing his testimony the whole time to US and is so excited to take his family to the temple in a year and so we put him on date to be baptized this Satruday the 28th! :) We are so excited for him! He's been coming to our ward and has been super prepared. He has changed so much and it's so cool to see how far he's come. SO excited for him!

Then we went back to see Levi and John (our 6:59 miracle lesson from Friday) and John was a lil too tipsy but Levi was coherent and we brought another sister with us who was perfect fellowship and he had read a little of the Book of Mormon and had tons of good questions and had just signed his divorce papers that day so after a while he told us he wanted to keep "self-medicating" that night and we could come back next week. So we're going back to see him again earlier in the day this week :) We're way excited about him, he is honestly seeking for something and I know he will find his answer when he is sincerely seeking. 

Then Wednesday we got to go to the TEMPLE <3 I think 4 zones went with us that day and it was the greatest day, oh man. We had a meeting beforehand at the stake center next to the Seattle temple and afterwards had lunch and a testimony meeting. It was seriously so special and one the greatest experiences. SUCH a good day.

We had another lesson on Thursday with the Lacey sisters who are teaching YSA-age guy Scott and he came to church with us yesterday and is planning on coming to FHE tonight! He is pretty skeptical about a lot of things but is a good guy.

Fun story - while we were knocking one day we got to this lady Peggy's house and she was like "oh girls! I'm so sorry I'm on my way out the door and I can't find my keys -" and we were like can we help? and she was already pulling us in like here look you can hear them! and she had this beeper thing to find them and it sounded like they were RIGHT there but we couldn't find them anywhere.. so I was like "hey can we say a prayer?" and she was like ok sure, so I said a prayer and not even 30 seconds later we found them like right there in a drawer I'm sure she had looked in. She was super surprised and I know that was no accident ;)

Oh, also. We got to our knocking spot one night at like 5:04 so we were kind of late and then I realized I had forgotten my nametag. Our apartment was about 5 minutes away but that would take like 10 minutes out of knocking so as Sis Tanner started driving away I just said a prayer for a miracle to please just let me find my tag under my seat. And then I was like alright that's kind of silly. but then I thought of the children in Israel (I think) who just had to look to be healed and I was like ok, just look. So I looked around under my seat for a sec and lo and behold I pulled out a nametag. Miracles are real.

I LOVE being a missionary. I got to go back to Deschutes last night for the baptism of Bella! It seriously felt like I was going home - I LOVE that place. It was also Sis Tanner's birthplace, so it was a super fun reminisce for her before she dies :) But really, going back to that ward and those people I love so much felt like I was coming home to my family. It was the best thing and the spirit is always so strong at baptisms. It was just the best week :) I absolutely love this work and being in the service of my God. He is so good. I am So forever thankful to be here and I don't ever ever ever want to leave!!! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know He died for each of us individually and personally. He loves us so much. I love this Gospel more than life. I love each of you and I am so thankful for your love and support! Thank you for everything, and have the most amazing week!

Sister Wilson

We got to go to the temple as a mission on Wednesday! (4 zones went with us on Wed) and it was SO GOOD. This is our little Olympia zone :) I LOVE

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