Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Daylight Savings

I don't understand daylight savings. It's silly.
This week was a major roller coaster but in a nutshell I live in the most fun most beautiful place in the whole world and I am part of the greatest mission in the whole world and I want to be a missionary forever and ever!!
Our YSA branch (have I told you there's like average 30 people every week) is doing a 40 day fast for missionary work and since that's started we have seen some amazing things. The work was null in the branch and since then we've received referrals and potentials from other wards this past week more than this whole transfer! God answers prayers - if you can't find people he brings them to you :) I have the biggest testimony of that.
Tuesday our STL's came over for a surprise study which was fun - we get to go on exchange tomorrow and I get to go with Sister Rasmussen again!! Woo! So stoked. 
This past Saturday we got to go up to Tacoma as a mission and meet with Elder Maynes (president of the 70) and that was a super cool experience. He talked about faith over fear, setting goals, and some really cool things. I took a lot away from that and started applying it to myself and yesterday I talked to more people on the side of the road street-contacting-while-knocking than I ever have before :) It is so exciting to learn and grow!!
In preparation for the meeting with Elder Maynes (and the other 2 that came with him) each missionary was asked to prepare a 5 minute talk on the Atonement. I don't know how I could fit my feelings on the Atonement in a 5 minute talk but I did it, and I'd been working on it for the past few weeks. I have been really praying for a deeper understanding of it and I want to study it forever - I love the Atonement. I can't express my feelings deep enough of it, but I am forever grateful for it. Because of Jesus Christ we can live forever and inherit eternal life and be forgiven of everyday things we do wrong. We really can be made "at one" and be reconciled to God. He lives and he lives to silence our fears and dry our tears as one of my favorite hymns says. He loves us more than we will ever be able to comprehend and everything that happens to us in this life is to help us grow and learn to rely on Him and His Atonement. Everything we teach is just an appendage to His sacrifice. "Jesus wept" isn't the only 2-worded scripture: 2 Thess says "Rejoice evermore" :) Because He wept in the Garden of Gethsemane, we are able to rejoice evermore. We can overcome even the hardest of trials, feel relief from the guilt of our past, and feel the peace that He and His gospel brings. I LOVE this Gospel. I LOVE this Church, and I LOVE my Savior Jesus Christ. I LOVE being a missionary - it is the most amazing thing I have ever done and I don't ever want it to end. 
This past week we found 2 super amazing people!! We knocked on this one door and these 2 little girls answered and went and got their dad, who when we introduced ourselves and what we were doing he looked down and his daughter and said, "what do you think? should we listen to them?" and she looked at me and back at her dad and smiled and nodded and so he looked at us and sighed and said, "ok - come on in." and we were like "...WHAT" and so excited and we taught them the Restoration and he wanted a Book of Mormon! It was so awesome and they've got a crazy schedule so we didn't get an exact return apt but he told us "when you come by if we're here we'll let you in!" The spirit was so strong :) If you could pray for Alan Riley (8) and Maddy (5) that would be awesome!
Then on Saturday we knocked into this guy James who when he saw us before we could say anything was like "oh! hey! one sec lemme get my shoes on!" and disappeared back into his house.. and when he came out was like "wait, you're not the ones I know" and we were like what and apparently he had tried to meet with sisters before but they didn't make it to his appointment (the sister had been really sick and ended up going home:( ) and he kinda slipped through the cracks, and when we asked if he was still interested he said "yeah totally!" so we have an appt with him tonight!! :) Pray for James if ya could! We are so excited for him.
We had a lesson with Ryan Clark who is dating a girl in the ward between 1st and 5th wards and it was way good. He just turned 18 so he can be baptized!.. except his parents are still anti and he may have to move out first which may be a while, so if you could send some prayers his way that would be awesome, he could use a lot of support. The spirit was so strong in his lesson and with all the anti and crazy things people are telling him in every reason why he shouldn't be doing this he is still trying to search out for himself. He's awesome.
The work is picking up and there's a few other people we're trying to get progressing and I know that everything happens for a reason and God is on our side:) I love you all so so much and wish you the best of weeks!!
Sister Wilson

 Look at my study desk so cute ! :D

 "you better hurry sister tanner cause it's gonna take it without you" HA

 we go contacting on the Chehalis trail sometimes
 bright sunshiney days this week! woo!

 you can still see Rainier sometimes - a little different view but still so pretty :) 


 Phoenix street <3 we drive on it pretty often :) (there's also Wilson street - hehe)

 And my good friend Dutch from Oly3 came to see me at church yesterday
and it made my WHOLE day!!!

skeleton leaves - they're intense

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