Monday, March 30, 2015

Mmm, Mold.

Ok, so I'm excited for this coming transfer! Sister Tanner goes home in just like 2 days and tomorrow at transfer meeting I'll be getting a new companion - Sister Loy! She is from Cambodia, and was called to speak Cambodian in the WA-TAC and this is her first time leaving Tacoma to speak something other than Cambodian. So, this will be exciting and maybe I will even learn a lil bit :) She's super sweet and cute. I'm excited.
Also, I discovered this week that my camelback water bottle I've been drinking out of forever was growing mold in the little spout for who knows how long. So we texted out missionary-medical sister lady and she said my stomach acid should've been killing any spores I've been ingesting. So I mean, I'm alive. Apparently. (Mold grows in and on absolutely everything here, if you didn't know that previously.)
SO, we had a miracle baptism this week! :) Kelly Walker got baptized on Saturday and he is so amazing. His wife told us he didn't sleep the night before, he kept rolling over and poking her saying, "hey... I'm excited." haha! He has been so prepared and has changed SO much, and it was so cool to see him finally make that big step of baptism! It was such a great service, AND his nonmember son Cody was at his lesson on Wednesday and came to the baptism! He snuck out before we could talk to him but we'll be seeing him again I'm sure :) He has seen a huge change in his dad and told them "you know, you feel kind of good when you go to church." Why yes, yes you do. 
Ryan also came to the baptism!! That was so great - his parents are super opposed to the church and he has been kind of afraid to talk to them about being baptism, but after Kelly's baptism he told me "This was so awesome, I'm going to talk to them today!" When we talked to him at church yesterday, they didn't take it as well as we'd hoped, but he had a really cool experience of personal revelation at church and he will be baptized someday :) 
We got to watch the General Women's Meeting on Saturday night which was SO good, I didn't want it to end! I had a lot of answers that night :) I encourage everybody to watch it again!! I am SO excited for General Conference this weekend!!!
I love this work more than anything in the world. I hope to waste and wear out my life in the service of my God. There is no where else I would rather be right now than right here sharing the gospel with the people here in Olympia! We got to pop by Avery Neeley's farewell-open house party thing last night and his mom sikked us on his nonmember friends ;) it was pretty fun. I LOVE being a missionary and I can't believe that this transfer marks my halfway point.. It goes WAY too fast. I love you all so much and hope you have the greatest week!! 
All my love from the overcast skies of Washington,
Sister Wilson 

PS- I have a pretty wicked callus on my knocking-knuckle that I'm pretty proud of. 
Bella's baptism
Skeleton leaf! Look at this mama I found!!

 Touring the capitol last week with our zone!

 Good ol' Washington

 Kelly's baptism!!


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