Wednesday, April 8, 2015

God is Good!

We had the most amazing week!! Transfers was on Tuesday and Sister Tanner went home safe and sound, and I got Sister Loy!! She's from Cambodia has been Cambodian speaking in Tacoma her whole mission (10 months) and this is the first time she's been reassigned English for a little bit. And oh my goodness I LOVE HER. She is the cutest thing and we have so much fun. And she's teaching me Cumai (Cambodian). I already know hello/ goodbye / "I don't speak Cambodian" / how are you / I love you / good / bad / die / yes / no / beautiful / crazy / "we are missionaries" and some other things. I'll be fluent by the end of this transfer ;) I'll just be reassigned Cambodian speaking. It's so fun.

We saw SO many miracles this week I can't even tell you. It was amazing! There have been a couple other Cambodian sisters reassigned English in Oly 3rd and they told Sis Loy they never met one Cambodian. Our first night knocking we found THREE Cambodian families!! Then in checking up with one of them they pointed us to another Cambodian family and a couple days ago we found another family!! 3 out of 5 want to learn more! :) It is so exciting! Then one day we were street contacting and we walked into a Cambodian family who turned out to be a recent convert that they haven't been able to find for over 6 months!! It was a complete miracle and we got his new address and number. Sister Loy was SO happy - she said they have been praying every night over 6 months to find him and we did!! God is so good! Her English is way good, too. I help her with some words though and it's way fun teaching each other.

General Conference was SO good, too. A few of the talks I felt were just for me :) Plus, the Wa-Tac got a shout out from Elder Pearson who was the mission president to presidents ago! Woo! And then that family from Thailand they talked about who's dad is the stake president now? Their daughter was in our mission! (she just went home in Nov) so that was super exciting too! We watched it at the stake center which was all missionaries and like 4 other random people and we were all so excited.

I loved the talk about being a Latter-day "saint" and what that means - to keep trying! Don't be a latter-day sinner or quitter or hypocrite. The quote "I'm not a saint, unless by saint you mean a sinner who keeps on trying" I loved. There was a lot said about enduring to the end and keeping our testimonies strong, and I think that is so important especially in these days where the adversary is going to be trying SO hard to lead us away from the true happiness we can find in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I absolutely loved the talks on Atonement and Grace too. The Atonement is so real. I knew what the Atonement "was" before my mission, but in the past (almost) 9 months I now understand more what the Atonement IS. I have felt it's power and His love, and I know within my heart that He truly does live, and He stands today at the right hand of the Father. His love is real for each one of us individually, and Because He Lives ( ) each of us will live again. Death was never meant to be an ending and we will see our families again! Because He lives each one of us can feel peace when the storms outside are raging and we can feel loved when we are so alone. I have felt His Atonement in my life and I am ever grateful for it. I love my Savior and I'm so grateful for Easter season to celebrate His life! I am so so thankful for my amazing family that I love more than the world. Thank you for your love and support and I love you all!!

Sister Wilson

 a cool graffiti wall downtown

 saying goodbye to sister yellow!

 here's some more prettiness that doesn't do squat justice

 thanks for these little fun gems ;)

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