Monday, April 13, 2015

OIy Oly Oly

I don't have a ton of time today, but we are doing so good. 

This past Saturday I got to go back to Deschutes (again :)) they can't keep me away!) to see Tristan and Rainy Goodchild finally get baptized!! (Tristan is the one who would do the "baptism holy wataa!" dance) It was so so good, we had been working with them my 3 transfers there and they kept working since I left and they finally made it! It was so cute - I love those kids so much! (and they're probably moving to AZ next year so we're totally going to party) I LOVE baptisms. The spirit is so strong there and I love that family so much!! 
This past week we also went to go check on some of our Cambodian families and when we went to see Lyda, her mom answered and we gave her a Cambodian Book of Mormon and said we could come see her too! (they were speaking Khmer [pronounced cumai] and I stood there and smiled but I understood a few words so it's ok - I'm still learning) So that was awesome. I LOVE Sister Loy - she makes us waaay good Cambodian food <3 We're going to the Asian market today so she can do real work. So excited.
So, we were knocking earlier this week and knew a member lived on that street but she wasn't home while we were there so we kept walking, and about 20 minutes later ran into her stroller-ing her 9 month old baby. While we were talking I asked her if there was anything we could do for her and blurted out "Do you just have like dishes you don't feel like washing or something?" and immediately she just started crying. She told us that she had a pile of dishes sitting in her sink that she just couldn't bring herself to wash and she is just really struggling with a lot on her plate right now. So we were alright let's go! And me and Sis Loy spent over an hour washing dishes for her. We went over another day this week and helped her with laundry and things like that too, and it was just so fun. I LOVE service, and it was humbling to know that God used us to help her in her time of need. It's really hard to find service in this area but this week we also might be going to help a family take care of their horses and do barn chores :) God answers prayers!!
I absolutely love this Gospel, I know that it truly changes lives. It truly brings lasting peace and happiness to us and our families. I have seen it change people's hearts. Kelly Walker (who was baptized a few weeks ago) was telling us how great he has felt - he can sleep at night. He isn't addicted to anything anymore and has that freedom. He feels peace even when things go wrong. That's what the Gospel does. I feel so blessed to live in this time when the gospel has been restored, and that we have a prophet who lives and leads us. I love this work, and I love being able to share it with those around me. Jesus Christ lives. He lives to help us, don't ever hesitate to use the Atonement. It is there for you :) 
I love the absolute craziness of Olympia. I love you all so very much and hope you have the greatest week!!
Sister Wilson
 here's some super pretty tulips! the flowers here are ridiculously pretty

 and just some good old backwoods-trail-contacting

 greengreengreengreen. even the bark is green.

 this sunset was 110000 better than this, and it's dark but it was over the woodsy-city and rolling green mountains and AH
 rainy day tracting

Tristan and Rainy!! <3


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