Thursday, April 23, 2015

I never know what to title this

I just love being a missionary, and that is all.

I LOVE being with Sister Loy - she is so funny! We were tracting earlier this week and this one house had a little decorative crab and she looked at me and said, "so, why everyone say holy crab?" and I just about died laughing (thankfully those people weren't home) and explained to her the difference between crab and crap. (it sounds the same when she says either though) <3 We have so much fun. I'm still learning more Cambodian and we say little things to each other and nobody else understands - it's way fun. ;) (I mix up the words for "bless you" and "rice" though, they sound way similar and so sometimes when she sneezes I just say "rice" and we'll laugh)

So this past week we had zone conferences! Ours was on Tuesday and it was SO good. We also all got blackboxes on our cars... That is not so exciting. It's called "TIWI" and it yells at you everytime you speed or drive too "aggressively" (turning too sharp or going over bumps to fast etc) and then reports it to President. I've been commanded to "check your speed" twice this week, and both times it just about scares us to death. But it's going to make everybody better drivers and keep us safer, so that's a good thing. :)

Zone Conference was way good - we had trainings on things like studying and planning and at the end President talked about grace. It was amazing. (AND I got to be the pianist for our special arrangement of "Amazing Grace" that we always sing :) Elder Oliphant who always plays goes home this transfer and I was told I may or may not be replacing him.. scary!) But in his talking about grace I felt so uplifted. There is no sheer grit or willpower that can ever make us good to better, it is only by the Amazing Grace of our Lord that we can truly be free and be changed. It's more acquainted with where we're headed and our hearts/desires rather than what we do (good or bad). I've felt that power - it's real! Because of our Savior and Redeemer we will not only live again, capable to live with our families forever and ever, but right here and right now we can change. We can become the people, parents, spouses, children, friends, etc that we want to become. His Atonement and His love and His grace is so real. He is always there waiting with open arms, no matter how often we may decline or push Him away He waits patiently for us to return. He loves you so much, and so personally. I know He does!

We had a miracle this week in finding Sarah - she is from Guatemala but has lived in the states for almost her whole life and she has been so prepared for the Gospel! The Oly 3rd sisters found her tracting and gave her to us because she's YSA age, and before we even started our first lesson with her she asked where she could find a copy of the Book of Mormon and if she was allowed to come to church with us! She is preparing to be baptized on May 2! :) She came to the YSA branch with us and loved it - she texted us afterwards saying how much she appreciated it and thinks that becoming a part of this church will be so good for her. She is the sweetest thing and I love her to death!!

Speaking of church, we found out about 5 minutes before Oly 1st ward that the gospel essentials teacher was sick and we were teaching. So that was a nice surprise. Sis Loy has officially taught in English 2-3 times since we've been together so that's been a challenge but I absolutely love it, and helping her has been so fun for me. I teach her English and she teaches me Khmer :)

This week is my official 9 month mark of arriving in Washington. I have never loved it more! It's the most beautiful place I've ever been and I feel so blessed and thankful to be here. I love you all SO so much and wish you the best week ever!!

Sister Wilson

^^the beautiful views!! and you can see the Capitol and the rainclouds coming in behind it :)

we did service for a family in the ward doing barn chores and cleaning up their horse pastures

and this is one of my favorites signs on a member's door :)) haha!!

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