Monday, May 11, 2015

K'nyom Srolangch!

So, the most exciting news this week is that Sis Loy actually isn't getting transferred back to Cambodia-land in Tacoma! She's staying with me!! <3 YAY! We are so excited and were so happy! I'm excited for next transfer - Sis Rasmussen is getting doubled in and training in our zone so we'll get to hang out all the time with her and her baby! It's going to be good. 
So, Sara is doing great. We set a goal with her to talk to her family about joining the church (she tried once and her mom started hating on the Mormons.. dangit) and we've been praying hardcore for them. But she knows that this is true and what she wants to do, and so we know everything will be ok. She wasn't able to come to church yesterday because of work, but she asked us about it and has been reading and praying and fasting. She's totally golden. We love her to death and she was so happy to hear we are both staying here! :)
We started working with a couple part member families this week which hopefully continue to progress! Things are going well. I'm still learning more and more Cambodian and can hold a small conversation. By the end of this transfer I'll just be fluent and go Khmer-speaking. ;)
Don't have too much time today - we're having a zone activity at a secret forest-beach on the Puget Sound playing volleyball later (if the clouds go away hopefully!) so we gotta run! 
I love you all so so much and I'm SO glad I got to see my favorite people in the world yesterday!!! I love my family more than the world! My little brothers are my favorite little (buff) babies! And it was so fun to talk to Emily - we could have gone on for hours. I love you all so so much and I hope you have the best week!! Thank you for everything!

Sister Wilson
some pretty sick downtown scenes

 I learned how to de-vein and bbq shrimp. YUM

 This is one of my favorite people - June! She looks like she's 80  but she'll be 100 next month!! :) She is the cutest funniest old lady ever

 <3 <3 <3 <3 My favorite ever!!!

(necklace/package from Kathie)

  So we adopted Sis Kama, (who was born and raised in Tonga) for the day and is still learning some English, and Sis Loy and I made some Cambodian food for lunch (actually she made rice and chicken and I made burned potatoes)

Later that day we had dinner with some Brazilians who also were still learning English and it was just a super foreign day for me! I loved it!!

 Guard dinosaur

 takin a walk in the beauties all around

 I love spring!

 Plants be growing out of road signs...



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