Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick Note!

No time today - the libraries were closed yesterday, so here we are. P-day was way fun - we went downtown with the other Oly sisters and our STL's and went to lunch and I showed them around with all the good art-graffiti stuff. (They were joking that I've been in Oly longer than the locals. HA. (because everybody's homeless)). 
We had a good week - Sara didn't get baptized because her work scheduled her for the next 2 weekends! She put in her 2 weeks quitting her weekend job so she can come to church! (YAY!) but for her next 2 weeks she got scheduled for 48 hour shifts... So. There's some opposition, but she's so excited for June 6 now. And we are too :) She's so solid, I love her to death. 
We got a media referral this past week (a text with a person's name/address and whatnot saying something about they want to learn or want a BoM or something) and usually those don't go too far but I still get super excited. But this time, we tried to stop by this guy's house, and there was a big motorized gate (I hate those things) and so we tried calling the number instead, and turns out he was on a business trip in SLC, took a tour of temple square and talked to the sisters there and they've been in contact and he went to church a couple weeks ago, and he's actually super interested! We are meeting him this week! His name is Scott, and prayers would be appreciated for him :) 
Funny story.. We went to a member dinner on Sunday and the mom told us she invited her friend over but her friend doesn't know we'd be there and she lived on the street next over (and we had just knocked that street a couple days earlier..so that could be good or bad) and turns out when this family came in a little bit after us it was this lady who had been particularly not interested and it was this "oh.. shoot.." moment. I was just laughing inside and tried to be especially nice, but she still didn't like us much. It was an interesting dinner, haha. We still snuck in a thought and prayer. Ha.
Things are going so well. In the YSA branch on Sunday we got to watch the CES fireside (or at least the first half before we had to run to that dinner) which was WAY good. I want everybody to see it. Ready, go.
I love you all so much and hope you have the best week!!
Sister Wilson
PS we get to go to the youth's dance festival this Saturday that they've been working on for forever, and I'm SO stoked. We've got several nonmembers coming! Yay! :) 

 Lunch with Dutch last Monday! :) It was SO fun and SO good.

 (with the most beautiful view too!)

 Fun with sisters

 We went on exchange this week - Sister Bishop came here to Oly with me for the day on Friday! Lots of fun! she did a lot of singing/choir things too, so I had fun singing parts with her and talking about nerdy voice things

 climbing out of this man's ridiculously steep and long driveway... all mind, might and strength was being exercised, I promise.

 My cute little Cambodian companion being Cambodian 


 Some fun graffiti downtown. All us sisters went and had lunch yesterday and walked around and took fun pictures (but I don't have any of the good ones.. yet.)

Zone Conference

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