Monday, June 8, 2015

He prepares a way!

So, we saw several miracles this week! The Tudelas (a RC family who's been struggling and the dad who was baptized Feb 14 is still not confirmed) LET US IN. For the first time since I've been here they let us in their house! We just said a prayer but all of them were there and then the mom said "we want to have you for dinner! Will you come for FHE Monday??" and of course we were stoked. When we left I stood in their driveway staring at the sky thinking What just happened. That was for sure a miracle. Hopefully that happens tonight!
Scott, our miracle investigator who was so awesome, dropped us. My heart shattered into a billion pieces but I know we did all we can to bring him back and it's up to him now. Sara didn't get baptized, but she's on date for June 20 when her friend will be coming up from Idaho to be there for her. She's doing good, but extra prayers her way would be much appreciated to stay strong for 2 weeks. We had plans to give our other investigators dates to work towards baptism but Satan was a lil snot and those lessons all fell through. But we are not discouraged! I know that God blesses us when we are obedient. It's hard to get out of member dinners on time to go knocking, but we tried extra hard this past week and saw miracles because of it. We found a new investigator Sharla who is letting us come back later this week! She has a new baby and wants to know how the gospel can bless them. We're excited for her. 
I've realized deeper this week as I study that sacrifice is a big part of our conversion. We need to give up our old life, our habits, our activities or lifestyle that is not in agreement with God's teachings in order to truly change. Truly changing ourselves and coming unto Christ requires sacrifice of some sort - be it of time, effort, money for gas to get to church, etc. But one thing I know for sure is that there is ALWAYS an associated blessing with that sacrifice. The Lord tells us to try Him, see if He doesn't bless you. Heavenly Father is so aware of each of us and recognizes our efforts. Giving Him all we have, our whole hearts, all our soul, is how we can really find joy in our journey. I love Him so much and I feel so blessed to be where I am and have the life I do. I love each of you so much and hope you have the best week and remember how much you are cared for by your Father in Heaven! He knows you :)

Sister Wilson

PS - We have one of our special missionary firesides this Sunday night in Centralia! I was asked to be the pianist, so I'm playing for all the songs (one of which is particularly difficult and prayers I can do it would be appreciated), and I am accompanying someone else singing, and then I'm going to be part of a little a capella sisters number which I'm super excited about :) I LOVE our firesides. The Spirit is so so strong.  
 we did service for this family one day in doing all their barn chores and cleaning after horses. when we took a pic with the flash they all ran away, so this is just me with the weeds.

 All thru downtown there was rainbow flags hanging up. Not sure why. But. Oly.

 Zone activity last week! smallest zone in the mission and we have the most fun

 just a cute mailbox we found tracting

 These are some of the Tudelas! (the RC family I may have told you about?)


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