Monday, June 22, 2015

Rewind pt 2

This has been probably the most fun week of my mission thus far. I've been in a trio with Sister Bigley (from TX) and Sister Kama (from Tonga) and we have just had a blast. We covered my areas of Oly 1 and Oly 5, and their area (and my first area!) of Oly 3! I got to see a lot of my old friends and surprised quite a few on Sunday at church :) (I thought going to 2 wards on Sunday was busy) It has been SO fun and I wish I had time to tell all the crazy / fun stories that have happened, BUT, mortal life. We dropped off Sis Loy in Tacoma to get her new Cambodian-speaker, Sis Johansen, who is way cute.
So, we also got transfer calls this week, and much to my surprise, I'm being transferred! So things have been crazy busy not only packing for Sis Kama (who's also being transferred) but trying to run back to my apartment to get my stuff and pack that and leave notes for the sisters coming in. It's gonna be a crazy fun day today! I'm going to Shelton in Elma stake (which borders the ocean, woot woot!) to follow-up train a new missionary, Sister Therber! She's been in the mission 6 weeks and I'll be finishing her training the next 6 weeks, and I'm excited! It will be fun. I met her a couple times and she's super sweet. She plays piano too! So that will be fun. 
On Saturday Sara got baptized!!! It was SO great and we had several YSA show up to support and it went really well :) Sis Loy got to come back to see!Her confirmation at church also went great. She is so excited, and doing so well. Her friend didn't end up coming, BUT, her biological family in Guatemala is super supportive of her and is also super interested in the church! They haven't met missionaries before, so when Sara goes there this summer to visit she's going to be a missionary and help them find the church there! :) How awesome is that?!? I am so happy for her, I love her to death!
We also got to go to Zion's Camp as a mission this week, and we got to go on Wednesday! It was SO fun, and a great learning experience. 
So, things are going so so good. I love every day! It's been a fantastic week and I love being a missionary! I have been so blessed. I know this work is true and that the Spirit is real, and that Jesus Christ truly lives and knows each one of us and everything we go through, ups and downs. This Church is so true. I love it so much and there is no where else I'd rather be right now than right here serving the Lord. I love you all so much and hope you have a beautiful week!
Sister Wilson

 our zone made matching t-shirts for zion's camp. because we da best

 me and sister loy wore matching dresses our last day ;) 

 we picked up the new cambode (next to loy) and the 2 sisters next to me are our trio this past week

 We had lunch with Dutch on several occasions while I was there :) 

 I love him so much!

 we took one of my beautiful old yw friends knocking with us!

 These are the Martins - the senior couple that lived in our same complex and took such good care of us. they are transferring to TX because they ran out of family history work to do here! I love them so much and will miss them tons!


Fun story - the redhead next to me in this picture is going to be my step-baby! :)

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