Monday, June 15, 2015


So much is going on right now, I love it! 
Sara is doing good, her work called her in on an emergency shift so she couldn't go to church yesterday :( but she's still excited to get baptized this Saturday!! We are so excited for her :) 
We had one of our musical firesides last night in Chehalis (about 40 min drive south - a part of the mission I'd never seen!) (I've also not seen so much sky since I've been to WA) and it was SO fun! I LOVE our firesides. We sing several songs Wa-Tac style and have some special musical numbers. Last night I got to be the pianist and it went great! I also accompanied a special number and sang in a little sisters acapella group, it was SO fun. And the Spirit is always so strong. I wish everybody could come to one! None of our investigators came :( but the youth in our ward did and we're having another fireside for Oly stake in July :) YAY! I'll probably still be here.. we find out Saturday!
Speaking of, Sis Loy leaves me tomorrow :( She gets her Cambodian-speaking baby tomorrow! She's coming a week before transfers, so I get to spend the rest of this week in a trio with Oly 3rd!!! The place of my mission birth! It will be so fun, Sisters Bigley and Kama are the most hilarious couple ever. We're going to have way too much fun :) Also, I will probably be staying in Oly one more transfer, which means I will have spent half of my mission in Oly. It's a little crazy! But I love it so much. 
This week we have Zion's Camp!!! We go to this big church-owned camp and have a whole ton of activities and then a devotional, I got to go last year and it is SO fun. I'm way pumped. (And sis loy and her baby get to come with us! YAY) Our zone made matching t-shirts so we're going to be pretty awesome :) 
I don't have too much time, we've got some packing to do. But I absolutely love every day of my mission. I LOVE being a missionary. I have never felt so much love and happiness since I have been here serving the Lord. This is the most amazing work. I know this is true! God lives, and He has a plan. Christ's Atonement is so real. He loves us. This is His church, and it was restored to the earth by the prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and I know that. I know because I feel it when I read it, and I have gained such a stronger testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ by reading it. I have received strength and comfort and personal revelation by it. I love it so much.  (
I love you all and hope you have the greatest week!
Sister Wilson
 We went to Grandpa's Ice Cream (the stake patriarch owns it!) to  celebrate Sister Loy's 1-year-in-the-field mark :)

 June Doyle turned 100 this week! We went to her bday party, which was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. When she went to blow out her candles all the other old ladies were like, "are your teeth in good there, Junie??" "don't hurt yourself!" and the like.

  This is her and her lil boyfran
PS - she dropped her cane and started dancing after she blew out her candles - like hardcore old lady shakin her hips dancing. it was the funniest thing I've ever seen
June's party

 We made Cambodian food for a lady in the ward!

  I helped on egg roll duty. They were SO GOOD.

 Some fireside pictures! Me Loy and Sis Kama

 and Sis Henderson! <3

 Sister Martin is one of the senior missionaries that lives in our apt complex and takes such good care of us :) she brought june to a RS activity
nevermind we all look fat

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