Monday, June 29, 2015

Shelton 1st

So, Shelton is a BEAUTIFUL place. I love it! It's a huge area, and we cover several small towns and a couple islands! So that's been way fun so far. It got super humid and super toasty on Thurs-Fri-Sat, but yesterday the clouds rolled in and cooled it down a ton! So that was a tender mercy.

In Elma the stake president felt inspired that we should use all our extra time finding, and in finding he specified knocking, and told the zone that we should spend at least 25 hours knocking a week. I'm sure we'll see amazing things as we do that! We have a few pretty awesome investigators here. We plan to put Sheila and Laticia on date for baptism tonight! Laticia is 17 and her dad won't let her get baptized so she has to wait til she's 18 next year. And Sheila in an older lady who I haven't met but she loves what she's learned so far! 

The ward here is amazing, we have 2 ward mission leaders who are AWESOME, and 10 ward missionaries and they are all working so hard to help people come to and feel welcome and church! The ward is so strong and missionary-focused :)

Sister Thurber and I got a call Thursday night to give talks in church on Sunday! So we did, and it went pretty well. We had extremely limited time to plan, but there was definitely some divine assistance there. 

Sister Thurber is an awesome missionary! She's been out 6 weeks and follow-up training is super fun with her. We have a ton in common and she also loves to work hard so we get along great. It's kind of fun, because I know how she feels taking over an area her 2nd transfer and have so many reminiscing memories of being where she is :) It's crazy to think I've come so far!

Things are going really well and I'm excited to be here! As part of the extra hour of study for training things in the morning, we've been looking at the Book of Mormon a lot and how we can use it more effectively. And it's been super cool! I LOVE the Book of Mormon, and my testimony of it has grown so much this past year. It really is so inspired and I have received so much comfort and revelation by studying it. I hope somebody watched that link to Elder Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon, because it is so powerful. I add my witness to His that I know it is true! I have come so much closer to my Savior and am learning to trust Him so much more every day. I LOVE this Gospel more than anything! I am so grateful every day that I have here in Washington as a servant of my Lord. He lives! He loves us! 

I love each of you so much and hope you have the greatest week this week and find the little joys in life :)

Sister Wilson

 our last zone pic in Olympia last p-day! I love them!

 so the empty seat in the middle lefthand side? that's mine. I'm playing prelude so you can't see me, but I promise I was there :)

 me and Sister Thurber at our cute little house we live in! (my first actual house!)

 So, in our area we cover a couple islands! We drove out to Harstine Island on Saturday and did some good work out there. It's SO pretty!

 Fun fact - part of our area is in Union, which is also where Bill Gates owns a house.

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