Monday, August 17, 2015

Baptisms and Bee Stings

So, overall this was a really good week!

I got stung by a bee for what I think is the first time in my life during the closing prayer at Bishop's house where we had dinner with their nonmember friend (which was way good btw!) I felt this sudden pang and a wasp flew out from between my folded arms. Sneaky devil. I thought "no biggie" and we left for knocking but it got to be pretty large and more painful than I anticipated, so we ended up going back for benadryl, which I've also decided never to take unless I plan on falling asleep. Despite hobbling around we made it til 9 and I crashed after planning. It's much better now!
We also had an amazing baptism this week for Adrik! He is such a good kid, and so smart. There was so much divine intervention that day.. We had no set speakers or anything until minutes before it started when we asked a couple people, and couldn't find anything we needed to find, and still had to fill the font and print programs and all that jazz but everything worked out. (it always does) Even his dad came!! Then, when we taught the restoration while they were changing after the baptism, his mom (who's not a member) was crying and told us afterward that she wants to get baptized and join the church also!!! It was such an amazing day! We went on to find 3 new investigators and get an amazing solid member referral that day! It was so so good. God is so good to us! 
As you know, I love the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I have been thinking a lot about it this week along with the attribute of charity. He was the perfect example. He gave his life for us. Not only did He die, but He lived every day for us. He sacrificed His entire life so that He would be able to support us. He knows you. He knows your struggles, your sacrifices, your trials, temptations, lonely nights and hectic days, your weaknesses, heartaches, headaches, and pain. He knows what it is like to be Sister Wilson, to be you, to be every person to walk this earth, even 2000 years later. He knew us then and He knows us now. He suffered willingly every pain so He would understand and be there when no one else is. And He is there. He suffered and died so we can overcome our weakness, find greater strength in our struggles, feel peace during the storm, and comfort at ever hour. He loves us infinitely and perfectly. He is always there. I know He is. I have felt His enabling power and His strength far beyond my own, I have felt His comfort and His peace and His solace, and it is better than anything the world ever has or will offer me. I understand better His love for others as I serve them and pray for them and for the love that He feels for them. My mission is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced because it has taught me truly about His Atonement and His love allowed me to feel it more than I ever have before. I know we have angels on our side, and I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and cares about us more than anybody else. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I hope my small contribution in this world can help a greater cause.
I'm so grateful for your support and love and I so appreciate you! I love you so much and hope you have the greatest week!
Sister Wilson
 Just trying to toast something in the oven when somebody called.. seconds turned into minutes too quickly

 Out in the middle of nowhere opening packages from mommies eating whatever we can find in the car for dinner 

 We cracked out the rainboots this week... #letitbegin


 And this is from our sleepover in Elma a couple weeks ago.

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