Monday, August 10, 2015

From your favorite missionary

Guess who my new companion is?? :) :)
(Sister Sterling's family used to live in Phoenix and moved away 15 years ago.  Her mom was good friends with Charity's Gma (Ruth) and her aunties used to babysit Kelli and her siblings! Such a small world!  Gma definitely had a hand in this one! )

What a week! So much happened

We drove to Tacoma twice this week and our miles this month are pretty much shot, haha. 
Transfers on Tuesday went so well! I said goodbye to some of my favorite missionaries, including my trainer Sister Julien who I adore. I'll miss them but I will definitely see them again! I also got my new companion, Sister Stirling, straight from the MTC! She's amazing and I love her to death. We have a lot in common and turns out our families are like best friends. Who knew?? Such a small world. We're having a good time.
There was a lot of out of the blue things that happened - for example we ended up knocking a summer-homey place where no one was home, but we saw a fox and a couple snakes and other weird wild animals I hadn't seen before. It's been an adventure. (we also just took a pause to kill a massive spider that came out from behind Stirling's computer - it never ends)
Laticia is struggling, so prayers her way would be so appreciated that she can find answers. 
Larry didn't come to church and so that's always hard, not only for us because we know how much it would help him, but also for him (whether he knows it or not) without the added strength of the spirit of church and sacrament meeting. But I know he's trying and we're doing our best to help him keep his commitments.
Adrik should be getting baptized this Saturday! His dad just got put on hospice, but he's really going to try to make it. Prayers his way would be way appreciated. Adrik is such a smart kid, I love him and we're excited for him.
We're doing a lot of finding lately, and this week we're going to hit the ground running to find humble people who are ready for the beauty of the gospel in their life! #pumped
I've been thinking lately about the concept of "fear," as it's something I've come to face rather often in the life of a missionary. When our faith is greater than our fear, we have nothing to worry about. We can trust in the promises of the Lord and go forward in faith, because He is always there to support and protect us when we are doing His will."God hath not given us the Spirit of fear" (2 Tim 1:7) The Bible dictionary says that fear is something unworthy of a child of God. Think of Nephi going into the city at night, "not knowing beforehand what he should do," of the 2000 stripling warriors who had never fought but didn't fear death, of Moroni who was fearless exemplified in everything he did. When we trust in the Lord and put our life in His hands, we can trust that He is in charge of the outcome and that He is paving a way before us to accomplish whatever it is that we need to. "Be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you" (D&C 68:6) I know that He is. We don't need to fear anything, because God is always with us. He loves us and won't ever let us fail. I love the gospel! I love the scriptures. I'm so happy to be a missionary and to be able to share it with people every day. I love you all and hope you have the best week!
Sister Wilson
 The beach last Monday!

 driving thru Elma - apparently they filmed part of Transformers at this nuclear plant. Fun fact.

 Matching WATAC t-shirts

 We got to drive over the Narrows to get to Tacoma! Woop!

 Sister Sterling! <3

 Some more nasty fellows invading our humble abode

 Sister Stirling and I have twinning red bags. 

 It finally rained a little bit

 Live-action spider killing (thing was massive - I'll send a pic)

 We saw a fox while tracting! what??

Lots of blackberries.
Don't be fooled - I didn't actually eat them ;)

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