Monday, August 24, 2015

miracles on miracles on miracles

Sometimes I feel like the scripture people that say "I cannot write an hundredth part of [whatever's going on]" because really, that's what this email is.. just a hundredth part of all that happens in mission life.

BUT, this week we saw so many miracles. On Saturday we had dinner with the Taylor's who are awesome, Bro Taylor used to be bishop and his wife is the sweetest. They were talking about the Spirit and how usually it's as simple as just a thought. And I realized, (for the millionth time), that it really is just like a thought, nothing huge. SO during knocking that night we tried to pay special attention to those simple thoughts and we found David - his run down shed-like house was plastered with no tresspassing/ private property/ beware of dog signs and we questioned if anyone even lived there. But we decided to try it, and when we knocked on the wall big dogs started going insane and we thought mmkay nope and started to walk away but he came outside and we had an amazing conversation with him and we're going back to teach him more! He wanted a BoM and is reading it :) Then we were going to knock somewhere else, but had a simple thought to go to this other street, and in doing so the 2nd house we knocked on was Michael, who also was interested in learning! So we are way excited to start teaching them. The Spirit is so real!
As a mission we had a goal to have 80 church tours, which is about 1 per companionship, and despite our efforts couldn't find anyone to give a church tour to. At church yesterday we were hoping to have Natasha (a Russian lady who just showed up to church last week and told us "I'm yours, girls!" and we'll be teaching her now too!) have a tour after church, but she had to leave. So Georgette (a refugee from Kenya - way cool story) came to church! She's friends with several members in the ward (and was at dinner with us at Bishop's last week) and came to church to see a young woman speak. She's way awesome, and we thought well hey we can give her a tour! But she left after sacrament meeting. We'd be praying all week to have a tour, so we decided ok this is going to happen! So we made a couple calls and the Budge's brought Georgette to the church at 8:15 last night for a church tour! Last appt of the night and of the week and it was totally a miracle. The Spirit was way strong during the restoration, and in the chapel we had them read the words to "I Believe in Christ" while I played a version of it on the piano. We also had cookies (the first thing Georgette asked when they said want to come was "will there be food?" ha!) and it was just amazing. God is so so good to us and miracles are so real. 
I also ate my first wild blackberry this week - it's true. #beproud
I am so grateful for the blessing of being a missionary. It's my favorite thing. I am so happy. I love the Lord more than ever and I am so grateful for the time I have to serve Him full time. 
I love you all so so much and I'm so thankful for you and your support! I hope you have the best week!
Sister Wilson

 I love Sister Stirling!

 A kind lady gave us capri suns while we were knocking cause it was way toasty out.

 We found a little Mexican bakery and have decided we're going back every Monday for churros. 

 we did lots of service this week! We helped harvest a garden (those are purple green beans)

 and then helped a lady shovel dirt around her yard! We love opportunities to wear jeans.

we made a fancy Sunday morning breakfast since we didn't have ward council. It was way fun. (thanks to the elders for letting us borrow their waffle iron)

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