Monday, November 30, 2015


First, everybody needs to check out ! :) There is a super cute 2 minute video for Christmas that you need to watch, and then share it with everybody to share the Christmas spirit! I'm super pumped for Christmas, guys. I love Jesus.

Thanksgiving was great up here. We went to play soccer with an annual group and the grass was crunchy-frozen walking onto the field, it was SO cold. We got hot chocolate from Starbucks afterwards. Then we made cookies which is always fun, and went to the church where several families got together to have dinner and play games. It was super yummy, and we rocked Bingo afterwards. Then we went to the Uhl's and hung out the rest of the night. I got to jam on the piano while Patrick jammed guitar and Madi sang. I really miss being able to do that, it was super fun and I could've played all night. It was a good day! 
We went on a couple more exchanges this week which are always fun. I got to spend a day with Sis Thurber, a past companion which was SO fun and just what I needed that day. 
We got a few referrals this week which was AWESOME. We've been trying really hard to find people to teach and this week a member told us that one of his patients, Jim, wanted a Book of Mormon, so we brought it to him in a rehab center and he wants to learn more! We'll be calling him tomorrow. :) We also left a Book of Mormon with a super sweet lady Julie that we helped move her table for Thanksgiving and she called us a couple days later to come have pumpkin pie with her. Small and simple things are happening, and that means great things are in the works. 
I heard a quote this week that I loved:
"Just because you're struggling doesn't mean you're failing"
I love that. It's not about falling, because we can get back up again and that is the most important part. Christ is the reason we can get back up and keep moving forward.
In this (my most favorite) time of the year, I hope that we all remember that the most important thing is coming closer to and remembering Jesus Christ. It's through Him that I have found real and lasting happiness and hope for the future. I know He lives and that because He lives we will also live again and that we can find and feel peace and joy again in our lives, despite the hard times that will definitely come.
Love you all so much!!
Sister Wilson
 Grandma Vail used to feed raccoons (at one point had like 15-20 that would come every day) and every once in a while they come around and hang around at her door. They will just sit there and stare at you so we go up and play with them sometimes. There's a group of 5 that have come around almost every day this week. fearless little guys.

 On exchanges in Silverdale there was some amazing views! Suuper windy day made for big waves!

 The Uhl's are the best and bought me my own big bag of pretzel rolls <3 may be addicted...

 Raking Grandma's leaves after the huge wind storm

 Making chocolate chip cookies on Thanksgiving!

 got to go on exchange with Sis Thurber!! <3

 Thanksgiving fun and exchanges!
 Hot chocolate!

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