Monday, November 16, 2015

The active nonmember club

Bainbridge is kind of funny in that there is an "active nonmember club." There's a few people who come to church regularly but don't want to get baptized. It used to be a much bigger group but it's slowly getting smaller as they're all finally deciding to get baptized (woo!) but we're trying to start getting with them to find out why :) There are some really amazing members here and I love the island.

Sister Jones and I are going to start up a Preach My Gospel class for the members this week! There's been a big push to work closer with members, and a lot of members want to help but don't know how, so we're going to help :) It's only 30 minutes during mutual time, so parents are waiting around anyway! I'm excited for it, hopefully there's a good turn out. 
We fasted yesterday to find the elect people here on the island waiting for the gospel. We're working hard to find them! 

I'm so grateful for the gospel. God has such a perfect plan - I studied this morning Alma 19-22 and it hit me how perfect His plan really is. In the story of Ammon teaching King Lamoni and all the events that follow (go read it) they are not easy in the slightest, and it would have been easy to give up and go home and forget about it, but they "bear with patience their afflictions" and because of it many many people come to know Jesus Christ and are converted and find true happiness. God has a plan for everyone and I think it's so awesome how we are all intertwined and helping each other get to where we need to be. 

In each of our plans, God is working to build us and shape us into who we are meant to be. That is never easy and it means heavy burdens are put upon us. I love this video that helps us to see how those burdens we have build us and help us return home:

Also, this is another great video of keeping the commandments God has given us and the blessings and happiness that come from it:
I know that God hears our prayers and will always be there to help us as we seek His help. I know that Jesus Christ loves us and has suffered every pain and burden and trial we will ever face and He will help us carry them. I love you all so much and I am grateful for you! Have the best week!

Sister Wilson
 the Uhl's threw me another bday party - they're my favorite

 Sunrises from our backyard are my new fav thing.

 more exchanges! I got to spend the day in Silverdale with Sister Kama! (I was in a trio with her for a week back in Olympia :) so fun!

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