Monday, November 2, 2015

Bainbridge Island

So transfer meeting was super great this week and I got my new companion Sister Jones! She came out with me and we're having a good time. Bainbridge Island is SUPER nice, lots of mansions and super modern fancy things. The relief society room has a baby grand and the foyers have original paintings of some popular artwork. But it's nice knowing your boundaries all the time and not having to worry about leaving your area, haha. We live with a member - the sweetest lady - Marla Vail, who we call Grandma. :) She lives on the water so all along the backside of the house you can see the Seattle skyline, which is always suuuper pretty. Plus! The Ogdens (my old stake president) are in my ward! Who knew?!

The sisters have been teaching a lady, Jesse, who is amazing. She got baptized on Saturday! We saw her several times this past week and she is SO prepared - she was so excited for her baptism. The most excited I've ever seen anyone. And she just glowed afterwards! It was so sweet. She has the cutest little boy, Dameon, too who is a firecracker. After the end of every prayer he will scream "AMEN!" and everybody always laughs. It's a good ward. The bishop is super awesome and his "motto" so to speak is "ministering outside the box" and so they have all sorts of awesome ideas of not-your-average-Mormon activites. It's fun! I like it.

On Halloween we got to go to Silverdale to be with our zone and have a little party. We played gadianton robbers (mafia missionary style) and the elders bought pizza with money from President and we watched "17 Miracles" It was super fun! I'm a pro at being a detective, btw. 

I'm happy to say that I have lived through my last daylight savings! I like the side of gaining an hour of sleep though, that's nice.

We're working on finding new people to teach and trying to think of new ways to do so. The people here are pretty satisfied with their million-dollar lifestyle, and it's very different than the humble boonies I've been serving in most of my mission. But I'm excited for what lays ahead!

Time is flying by. The biggest emotion I feel in contemplating the time I've been able to serve is just gratitude. I am so grateful for the experiences I've had and the amazing people I've met and the things I've learned. With daylight savings, it's super dark again all through our knocking 5-7s, and I'd forgotten what that really feels like. I know I'll be growing a lot more in the next couple months and I'm looking forward to learning and coming closer to my Savior. 

We'll be starting our exchanges this week and that will be interesting! I hear "exchange-overs" are a real thing (exchange hangovers) But to be honest I really don't think it's possible to be any more tired than we are, haha. But life is good and God leads the way, so it's ok.
I love you all so very much and I'm so grateful for the love and support!! :) 

Sister Wilson

 therrrre is beautyyy all aroundddd

 saying goodbye to the little blue house in Shelton

 some of my favorite people I worked with in the ward in Shelton

 I don't remember if I told you I think I accidentally put a virus on the computer [it went blue and started yelling at me consistently for like 4 minutes] in Shelton and called some Indian man who couldn't help me. It was a very stressful situation and Stirling was just laughing at me forever.

 Vivian made us crepes every transfer tuesday with the elders. (Shelton)

 this is an aircraft carrier we drove past in Bremerton. I wish the pic was better, but... yeah. It was way cool
 There's always little boats or the ferry or whatnot out on the water. It's such a pretty view, I wish the camera did justice

 Me and my new companion Sister Jones!

 SO MANY LEAVES. Since it's been raining their not crunchy and fun anymore, but they're still fun to kick around if they're not soggy yet.

 I couldn't get a good quality cause of the dark and my old camera, but this is what it looks like at night. Over on the left side you can see the Seattle Space Needle!

 a girl here on bainbridge drew us this picture like it was nothing... WHAT. she's amazing.

 The view from our kitchen window: the Seattle skyline. It's pretty awesome.
 I left behind several of my shoes but I took pictures so you could see how wore out they got :)

 you could peel the sole almost completely off the top

 pictures dont ever really do justice.. maybe I shouldve kept them. but they were pretty good.

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